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Building a modern space in the Market for our preschoolers to play

Posted March 4, 2022

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This long-neglected space in the Market really should be the brightest place of all. It’s where Market kids go outside to breath fresh air, get out the wiggles and use their bodies and imagination to develop new skills.

The current playground conditions are severely deteriorated and limited due to a lack of natural light and open space for kids to play. Current conditions prevent two classrooms of crawlers and waddlers from playing, leaving them inside the classroom or limited to Market walks.

This spring, construction begins on the Market’s preschool playground to create a dynamic, versatile space that allows Pike Market kids to invent, create and build social, cognitive and physical skills in a more open and spacious natural setting. We are excited to transform the playground to become a modern educational space for the next generation of students!

Our rendering of the open and innovative playspace:

Watch for lifesize artwork by La Ru of Robot vs Sloth to adorn the new play space!

Thank you to our donors who are making this playground renovation possible:

Anonymous (2)
Monica Adams
Tom Alberg and Judi Beck
Vicki and Bruce Alsip
Christine and Scott Anderson
Kim Anderson and Andrew Bentley
Chris Badgley
Sally and Brad Bagshaw
Mark Barbieri
Terri Bartish
Beecher’s Handmade Cheese
Lynn and Howard Behar
Donna R. Benaroya
Clint and Barbara Bennett
Becky L. Bogard
Andrew and Brenda Bor
Becky Boutch
Colleen Bowman
Ferdinand and Claire Boyce
Paul and Debbi Brainerd
Anita Braker
Mike and Susan Brandeberry
Patricia Brustkern
DeeAnn and David Burman
Candice Cane Canncel
Grace and Adolph Christ
Lisa Christen
Nicole Cilley and Herb Acken
Lynn Claudon and Charles Royer
Committee of 33
Carolyn Corvi and John Bates
Barbara Crowe
Peter Danelo
John Delaney
Mark Donovan
Marilyn Evans
Sahar Fathi
Susan and Frank Finneran
Micki Flowers and Bob Flowers
Judith and Daniel Foley
Jody Foster and John Ryan
Leslie Fox
Elizabeth and Brian Frederick
Myra and Daniel Friedman
Joseph Fuller
Jonathan Gaw
Leslie George and Andrew Ross
Karen Gielen
Marie and Aaron Gill
Charles Grant
Patricia Gray and Spencer Gray
Bernadine Griffin
Nancy and Robert Grote
Marilyn Hager
Jason Hamblin
Sara and Nancy Hanneman
Harris Family Fund
Michele Hasson
John and Deanna Heily
W. J. Herndon
Carol and Robert Hille
Deborah Himmelfarb
Sue Holland
Theda Houck
Christopher Howard
Wendy Hsu
Weldon Ihrig and Susan Knox
Aaron Jacobs
Wright Janeway Family Fund
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Dora Joe
Carol Johnson
Jane A Johnson
Susan Jane Jollineau and Robert Bowen
Joshua Green Foundation, Inc
Ruth Kagi
Michele Kahrs
Jenni Kane
Sakurako Kato
Julia Katz
Kenneth Katzaroff
Egan Kilbane
Christina Koch
Megan Kruse and Robert Mucklestone
Ann Ku
Arthur Kuniyuki
Lacewing Foundation
Charley Paisley Lahmeyer
Stewart Landefeld and Margaret Breen
Lashe LLC
Angela and Ted Leja
Phillis Leventhal
Sandra Lew-Hailer
Laura Lippman and Henry Mustin
Megan Loctor
Cynthia J. Marin
Mary Anne and Chuck Martin
Carmen Matthews
Mary O McWilliams
Linda Mitchell
Donna Murphy
Connie M Niva
Jeannie and Bruce Nordstrom
Jody Deering Nyquist
Glenna Olson and Conrad Wouters
Kristi A Pangrazio
Susan Parker
Terumi Pong
Daniel Radley
Constance and Norman Rice
Richard and Francine Loeb Family Foundation
Mary Richardson
Anita Rineheart
Dawn Rooney
Laurie Rosen Ritt and Steve Ritt
Faye Sarkowsky
Pam Schell
Schultz Family Foundation
Jennifer and Peter Schumacher
Michele Shaw
Sharon and Michael Shaw
Lillian Sherman
Daniel Shih
Leonard Sorrin
Sosio’s Fruit and Produce
Margaret Stanley
Ilene Stark
Linda and Hugh Straley
Helen Stusser
Laura Stusser-McNeil and Kevin McNeil
Megan Thomas
Susan S. Turner
United Airlines
Deidra Wager
Walker Family Foundation
Mary-Jayne Walker
Yu-An Wang
Rayana White
Cathy Wickwire
Judith Wing
Joan C. Wynar
Sara Young
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