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Saluting the Friends who led the fight to save Pike Place Market

Posted October 5, 2021

Last week, the Friends of the Market gathered to celebrate the 1971 citizen’s initiative to Save the Market.

Speakers included Friends of the Market President Kate Krafft, Market Foundation Executive Director Lillian Sherman, and PDA Executive Director Mary Bacarella.

Peter Steinbrueck shared stories of growing up in the Market and what saving the Market meant to his father Victor and the Steinbrueck family.

Unexpected Productions performed a short reenactment of the protests and the Friends also enjoyed the documentary trailer for Labor of Love: Saving Pike Place Market, premiering on KOMO 4 TV on October 16th.

Led by Master of Ceremonies Nick Setten, it was a special evening recognizing the Friends of the Market’s seven-year fight to save the Market from the wrecking ball 50 years ago, Their preservation, advocacy and education work continues today.

“The special magic of the Market is not only that the buildings were saved, but that the heart of the community with a mission to serve people … was preserved as well.”

– Lillian Sherman, Market Foundation Executive Director

“Many of you were there in 1971 and played a crucial part in that momentous effort and over the last fifty years all of you have played an important part in helping to “keep” and nurture our marvelous Market – the soul of Seattle!”

– Kate Krafft, Friends of the Market President

Steinbrueck-Thonn Award for Pike Place Market Research

To commemorate the 50th anniversary, the Friends of the Market Board announced an academic award program – coming winter 2022.
The goal of the Steinbrueck-Thonn Award for Pike Place Market Research is to broaden our understanding and appreciation of the Pike Place Market and its diverse community of residents, farmers, merchants, crafters, shoppers, and social service providers.
Friends of the Market will provide funding for original historical and ethnographic research that furthers our knowledge of the Market complex, its community, and cultural values by way of tangible products (articles, research papers, thesis, oral histories, podcasts, exhibitions) that will be made available to members of the public and local public institutions.
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