2021 Report to the Community

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis

Dear Market Supporter,

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for your support in 2020 to keep Pike Place Market whole. At this time last year, we faced the biggest crisis the Market had seen in decades with the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, we launched a bold Power of Pike Place Recovery Campaign and you responded with immense generosity! We are proud to share the impact of our work together to meet the growing, urgent needs of the Market community in unprecedented times. 

With the support of our community, the Pike Place Market Foundation recently made the largest investment in unrestricted grants to our social service partners, while also supporting a whole new line of programs in 2020 with our Market Recovery Fund.

These investments enable the Market community to:

  • Nourish our community with access to meals and groceries 
  • Keep senior residents healthy, safe and connected during these isolating times 
  • Vaccinate seniors, farmers and preschool teachers in the Market 
  • Provide emergency grants to small businesses and Market workers 

And, so much more!

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We know our work is not over. The global pandemic and economic crisis continue to threaten both the health and stability of our community members and the viability of our small businesses.

We are also greatly impacted by the challenges we are seeing in Downtown – from the loss of office workers and tourism, to the growing inequity of people living with and without housing and resources to care for their health. 

The Market’s model for a Healthy community was established well before the pandemic and has been put to the test this year in so many ways. We know the Market continues to shine bright and we are helping to lead the way for the recovery of all of downtown.

We are hopeful and excited to see the Market coming back to a new “normal” but we know that the road ahead is still long and full of uncertainties.

Our Market Recovery efforts will continue in 2021 with a steady focus on:

  • Social Services to support the Market and downtown community members

  • A Safety Net for Market workers, residents and farmers

  • The Market Small Business Fund to help merchants adapt and stabilize

This year it is fitting that we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Saving Pike Place Market from the wrecking ball. We wouldn’t be here today, if not for this grassroots advocacy that saved the soul of our city. But, now, 50 years later, we’re not only celebrating this work – but putting the mission and the model of the Market to the ultimate test. 

We are grateful for the visionaries who came before us and our partners in the Market today. It is this combination of the Market Foundation, the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority, and our social service partners that enables us to be nimble and respond with our mission to nurture a thriving Market community.

Know that we will continue to be here for the Market community and will overcome the challenges together. We can only do this tremendous work with your ongoing trust, partnership and support. 

This whole community at Pike Place Market thanks YOU! 

We still have a long road to recovery ahead of us, but, together, we will keep the Market – STRONG!

Nicole Bahr and Lillian Sherman pose with Billie the Pig

Lillian and Nicole signatures

March 2020 will go down in history as the month when Seattle rapidly shut down with the spread of COVID-19 and the rest of the world quickly followed. All but a handful of Pike Place Market businesses closed, while our senior residents and downtown neighbors braced for what came next. 

In the weeks, months, and year that followed we remained steady in adapting our already established support services within the Market community, while also launching new emergency programs to keep everyone healthy, safe and nourished—and Market merchants strong.

Thanks to our staff, community partners in Pike Place Market and thousands of supporters we helped keep the Market whole in 2020.

See the incredible impact we made to adapt and respond to the COVID-19 crisis:


Social services on the frontline of the pandemic

Pike Market Food Bank

Pike Market Food Bank continued to expand their grocery delivery program ensure that homebound seniors had access to the groceries they needed. 

Pike Market Childcare & Preschool

The Preschool in the Market continued to operate admidst COVID shutdowns, keeping families safe while also ensuring staff remained on payroll.

Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market

The Medical Clinic at the Market continued telehealth visits for patients and COVID-19 vaccination sites in downtown to reach vulnerable communities.

Pike Market Senior Center

Pike Market Senior Center continued to provide case management support to seniors, especially those experiencing homelessness in downtown. The Senior Center also continued their expanded meal service to include a takeaway meal for dinner.

Heritage House at the Market

The Assisted Living Facility for Seniors in the Market kept all staff and residents COVID-FREE in 2021.


Our response to the Emerging needs of the Market community

Food Access Program

Our Food Access Program brought weekly deliveries of meals and groceries to senior residents in isolation and helped Market workers afford fruits and vegetables at Market produce stands. 

The Market Commons

The Market Commons resource staff reached senior residents by phone and video calls to stay connected during periods of isolation. Market community members also relied on resource staff to help navigate public benefits while facing cost of living increases and other challenges. 

Community Safety Net

The Market Community Safety Net was available to help Market workers pay rent and other bills when income and other resources became scarce.

Small Business Recovery Fund

Our Small Business Fund provided unrestricted grants to Market merchants and peer-to-peer business consulting to help them not only survive the fallout of the pandemic, but invest beyond it.


Rachel's Reserve

Our emergency grant funds helped cover the cost of COVID-19 testing and vaccines for the Market community, as well as helped the Preschool continue operations after forced closures due to COVID cases.



In 2020, The Market Foundation invested $1,220,612 in our Community Impact Programs and we recently granted $1 Million in unrestricted funds to our Market Legacy Partners. That’s $2,220,612 in community support investments – a new milestone in Market Foundation history!


The Road to Recovery Continues

2020 demonstrated the critical need to invest in partnerships and an infrastructure that supports a whole community. The Market’s model for a healthy community has proven to be effective in adapting and responding to urgent needs. In the year ahead, our Market Recovery Fund will continue to strengthen the entire community at Pike Place Market with continued investment in the following:

  • The Market Small Business Fund – will continue to be available to help the Market’s small business innovate and adapt to economic conditions.
  • The Market Community Safety Net – this fund and ongoing resource support is critical to help keep Market workers in stable housing as the eviction moratorium may be lifted this summer.
  • Social Services for People Affected By This Crisis – Seniors coming out of isolation are experiencing increased mental health challenges and the needs across the community remain high for food, housing, healthcare, child care and overall community support.


Market Story Highlight: Skye Saylor, MarninSaylor

Meet Skye Saylor, the co-owner of handmade toy company MarninSaylor. When you take a peek into their Pike Place Market shop, you’ll be greeted by fantastically crafted toys called Pastry Pets, including Donut Cats, Maple Bears (like maple bars), and more. After starting out as a small business in the daystall crafts area of the market, MarninSaylor moved to a permanent retail location in November of 2019. 

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“In our seven years as market merchants, we’ve been consistently impressed with the market’s ability to ‘take care of its own’, recalled Skye.”We’ve made so many connections with the other shop owners and have gotten a better sense for how the market functions and cares in bigger and broader ways.”

The spirit of the Market was tested like never before last March when COVID hit. MarninSaylor was one of the nearly 500 Market vendors, artists, and shops affected by the shutdown. In spite of the uncertainty, there was an outpouring of support from the community. Skye remembers “there were fundraisers for buskers, businesses that needed help were hiring market people who had lost their jobs at other businesses, and of course The Market Foundation launched their extensive and multi-faceted recovery campaign.”

The Small Business Recovery Fund is a grant program providing financial support to Market businesses, in order to support them in their recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and help them transition to new economic conditions. The program was built to allow business owners to make targeted investments, not only helping with rent relief, but also providing opportunities for investing in better equipment, transitioning to e-commerce and online sales, and developing new products.

“We were incredibly fortunate to be able to contribute a small amount of our sales to the Recovery Fund, and this contribution came back to us tenfold in the form of a grant from the fund last September,” said Skye. Support from the Recovery Fund allowed MarninSaylor to cover fixed costs during an uncertain fall season, staying current on rent for production and retail space for almost three months. Skye believes that “having that flexibility in determining how to use our revenue stream was what kept us afloat both from financial and mental health perspectives!”

Since its launch, the Small Business Recovery Fund has invested $631,000 in 125 businesses throughout the Market. In addition to these funds is dedicated staff and peer consultation time to help business owners strategize how to utilize these funds for their business’s development. By creating time and space for entrepreneurs to intentionally plan their investments, recovery fund recipients were able to emerge from the pandemic with thoughtful, long term action plans. Because of the hard-working staff of The Market Commons, applicants for the Small Business Recovery Fund received 140 hours of one-on-one support for their questions and concerns on how to move their business forward.

The impact of the Foundation’s work cannot be overstated even in normal times,” concluded Skye. “Right now, the Market needs their support more than ever. We are incredibly grateful to The Market Foundation and all of its donors for helping to keep our business alive during the pandemic, and for bringing hope to so many market businesses, workers, and residents.”

Market Worker Story: TIM

Tim can remember walking the alleyways of the Market as a child, poking in shops with family and visiting the independent bookstores. “My parents and grandparents moved out here and I could dimly remember this place from my childhood, it has been satisfying to see how things have changed and see what’s still the same,” he recalls.

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Tim has spent the past five years working in the Market, as a restaurant server. He loves the bustle and fast-paced environment, explaining “it’s always been super busy here, always interesting and exciting.”

 But all of that changed last year when COVID hit and the once crowded cafe became eerily empty. Tim remembers “everyone who was working at the time was just staring at the door, everything cleaned and ready, just trying to figure out what to do with our time.” Eventually, the restaurant had to temporarily close its doors. “It was completely logical at that point and unsurprising,” recalls Tim. “But it was also nerve-racking because I didn’t have any other sources of income, and every other job I’d really had [was reliant on being] in person, like the restaurant and retail business.” 

That was when Tim’s manager connected him with The Market Commons. The Commons staff were able to jump into action and work with Tim to develop a support plan. Together they found resources that could help Tim weather the pandemic, everything from food assistance, utilities support to navigating unemployment. “It was tremendously reassuring to have that much to do to combat unemployment at that time, and have that direction going forward.” Tim said. In addition to helping get signed up for food stamps, the food access programs offered through The Commons were able to make those dollars go even further. Pike Bucks and Food Stamp matching dollars gave Tim the opportunity to purchase fruits, vegetables and protein from Market stands. “I’ve been using that to get some rockfish and black cod over at Pike Place Fish Market,” says Tim. “That’s been really nice for me. This program really puts it within reach.”

In all, The Market Commons provided over 10,000 interactions last year, reaching out to check in on senior residents,  helping Market workers navigate public benefits while facing sudden unemployment or lost wages, and connecting low income shoppers to food programs. Food Access reached 3,655 Market shoppers, as well as created $124,635 in purchasing power that directly benefited both community members and vendors. 

 “To be able to shop with people that I know, people that I recognize in the market, people that start to recognize me… It really makes me feel like I’m like part of a community.”


In March 2020, Pike Place Market Foundation partnered with the Pike Market Senior Center, Pike Place Market PDA and the Seattle Fire Department to bring COVID-19 vaccines to the high-risk seniors who live at Pike Place Market and vulnerable neighbors in downtown. 

A total of 298 vaccines were distributed to the Market seniors, Market farmers, and Market social service providers.

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“I’m 71 years old and in my condition, the virus would have wiped me out,” said a senior resident in the Market. “When they called me [to schedule the appointment], I knew someone was looking out for me. The weight of the past year was just lifted from my shoulders – I’ve been panicking and staying inside.”

Less than 1% of the 400 senior residents in the Market had received a vaccine before the vaccine event.

“Our priority was to bring the Mobile Vaccine Unit into the Market to deliver vaccines directly to the high-risk senior population who lives and accesses our vital services in the Market,” said Jeannie Falls, Executive Director of the Pike Market Senior Center.  “Many of our senior residents and senior center members have mobility issues with no access to the internet or transportation to get to vaccination sites around the area.”

The Market’s vaccine distribution also expanded to include senior artists, flower farmers and workers, as well as Pike Market Child Care and Preschool workers who just became eligible for vaccines.

Rolling out vaccines to the seniors in our community was an important step in ensuring their health and safety and beginning to bring them out of isolation after a difficult year. Likewise, the commitment to also vaccinate Market farmers and preschool teachers meant that those populations could quickly return to work and continue their jobs that are important to the function of the Market.

“It’s liberating – we’ve been back at work since July and had not been prioritized as essential workers, until now,” said Lesa Valenzuela, Education Coordinator at Pike Market Child Care and Preschool. “I’m just so happy for all of us.”

The Fight to Save Pike Place Market documents the struggle of a group of grassroots citizen advocates who in the 1960s and ’70s fought to save the 9-acre, historic Market in downtown Seattle from the wrecking ball. Considered the “Soul of Seattle”, Pike Place Market is an urban community that continues to thrive to this day thanks to historic landmark charter that preserved not only the Market’s buildings, but a community of farmers, small businesses, senior housing and social services. Produced in partnership with KOMO4 TV, Friends of the Market and Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority. Premiering on KOMO4 TV in Fall 2021.


TOTAL REVENUE: $4,904,875
2020 Financial Graphs - Expenses

Reserve funding for Market human services
and Market Foundation: $1,793,997

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for supporting the Pike Place Market community last year from 04/01/20 – 3/31/2021

Your contributions of time, talent and treasure have an immeasurable impact!

* = Indicates the individual has passed away / Bold names are our 2020 Market Foundation Board Members and Fellows

We apologize for any missing, incorrect, or misspelled names throughout this report. We would greatly appreciate assistance in helping us correct our records. Please call (206) 774-5254 or email info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org with changes.

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Eliza Furmansky

Furtive Fox

Steven and Lacey Furtwangler

Molly Gabel

Harold Gaines

Candace Gallerani

Lee Ann Galli

Louise Gallion

Marjorie Gamble

Linda Gamroth

Joanna Gangi

Cari Garand

Emeline Garba and Yauhen Radzikevich

Jean Garber

Haley Gardner

Jean Gardner

Polly Gardner

Anupama Garla

Alyson Garland

Stephanie Garriga-Snaider

Elizabeth Gartner

Jonathan Gaw and Tiffany Cartwright

Lindy and Bill Gaylord

Jeanette Geary


Mark Gendron


Leslie George and Andrew Ross

Jeff Gerber

Jason Gerend

Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Family Fund

Mary Germany

Steve and Kay Germiat

Ricky and Mary Gerontis

Anthony Gewald and Dona Golden

Rachel Ghosh

Ghost Alley Espresso

Kurt and Ilene Giambastiani

Joel Giambeluca

Jennifer Gibson and Robert Dutcheshen

Susan Gideon

Tiffany and Michael Gikas

Robert Gilb and Michele Tiesse

Rachel Gilchrist

Lisabeth Gildea

Marie and Aaron Gill

Claire Gilleg

Allison Gillespie

Emma and Steve Gillespie

Kristin Gillespie

Jeffrey and Rie Gingold

Shannon and Benjamin Girlando

Gary and Diane Glanz

Tom Glanz

Barb Glascock

Glass Eye Studio

John Gleason

GLP Attorneys

Janice Gockel

Tal and Carol Godding

Basia Godecki

Gigi Godfrey

Michelle and Brad Goldberg

Steven and Goldblatt

Louis Golden

Sarah Goldenberg

Harry Goldman and Jettie Person

Goldmine Design Jewelers

Cris Goldy

Allan C. Golston and Stephen Bryant

Jane Golub

Celina Gomes

Jen Gonyer and Al Donahue

Robert Gonzales

George Goodall

Stacy Goodall

Fiona Goodwilie

Erin Goodwill

Linda Gorcester

Becki Gordon

Clifton Gordon

Don and Jerri Gordon

Kingman Gordon

Bonnie Goren

Joanne Gormley

Sonia Gorski

Aileen Gorsuch

Patricia Ann Gossler

Anna Gottlieb

Robyn Grad

Jered Graham

Timothy Graham

Alan and Kathleen Grainger

Terry Grall and Shirley Kerbo

Janice Granberg

David and Deborah Grant

Sheryl Grater

Laura Graven

Gary Gravier and Linda Del Pilar

Patricia and Spencer Gray

Bruce Greeley

Karen Green

Rush Green

Jeff Greenberg

Ellen Greene

James and Rhonda Greer

Michael Greer

Pam Gregory

Kalee Gresham

Greystar Dev LLC

Kirk Griffin

Matt Griffin and Evelyne Rozner

Hilary and Peter Grilley

Hope Grinsteinner

Thomas Grismer

Stephen Groening and Andrea Christy

Deb Gross

Diane Grover

Sharon Groves

Ian Grunfeld

Dorothy Grupp

Nikki and Michael Guidry-Wold

Rhonda Guilford

WM Gunkel

Amiya Gupta

Traci Gushiken and Kurt Nakamura

Cindy Gustafson and Tom Chatriand

Theresa Gutierrez

Joe Guzman

Stephen Haddan and Doug Fischer

Jennifer Haddon

Alison Hadley

Bryne Hadnott

Angela Hafner

Brigid Hagan

Marilyn Hager

Thomas Hahn

Vicki Hahn

Kevin Hakimi

Ken Haley

Rachel Halfhill

Joan Hall

Katy Hall

Margaret Hall and Moss Patashnik

Timothy Halladay

Alyson Hallberg and Michael Langen

Jeanne Hallgren

Connie Hallin

Sarah Halverson

Dawn and Stanley Halvorsen

Jake Hambacher

Nancy and John Hambacher

Jason Hamblin

Larry Hamilton

Julie Hamker

Roy Hamrick

Carlotta Han

Sarah Hanchar

Einer Handeland

Hands of the World

Kaitlyn Hannah

Elsa Hansen

Marcia Hansen

Jessica Hanson

Carla Happel

Sharon Harada

Jessica Harbin

Harborstone Credit Union

Linda Hargus

James Harkins and Joan Kitterman-Harkins

Karen Harmon

Lisa Harris and David Wendel

Sean Harris

Bunny and Ron Hartman

Audrey Harvey

Caroline Harwood

Michael Hascall

Elana Hashman

AmyJo Hasselquist

Michele Hasson

Andrea Hauck

Amy Haugerud

Jason Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins

Nick Hawley and Christopher Werner

Sara Hawley

Kelby Hawn

Ashley Hayes and Mark Michael

Peter Hayes

Evelyn Hays

Matt Hays

Helen Head

Healthy Happy Whole Living, LLC

John and Michele Healy

Lori Healy

Rodney and Jill Hearne

Nicole Heath

Pamela Heath

Lee Heck

Mary and Steven Hedberg

Dean Heerwagen

Brenda Heflin

B C Hefty

Sharon Heiber

Christine Heidel

Donna Heien

Theresa Hein

Joseph and Jane Heinrich

Hellbent Brewing Company

Gregory Heller

Thomas Heller

Justin Hellier

Richard Helmholz

Ouida Hemingway and Holly Smith

Jeanette Henderson

John Henderson

Yvonne Hendricks

Jeff Henigson

Phyllis Henigson

Wendy and Kevin Henning

Courtney Henson

Nicole Hernandez

Mary Herridge

Judith and Howard Herrigel

Barb and Doug Herrington

Jennifer Herrmann

Kate Hertweck

Sue Herweck

Eric Hess

Linnea Hess

Renwick Hester

Barbara Hieronymus

Cathy Higgins

Barbara and James Hill

Gloria Hill

Edie Hilliard

Matthew Hilliard

Michael Hilliard

Hill-Rosen Charitable Fund

Virginia and John Himmelheber

Pamela Hinckley and Michael Teer

Katherine Hinde

Hinds Family

Hans and Mary Anne Hingst

Penny Hinke

Rick Hippe

Karen Hirsch

Suzanne Hittman

Kathryn Hoeschen

Alex Hoffman

Diana Hoffman

John and Faith Hogan

Lynn Hogan

Holland America Line

Sue Holland

Katherine Hollenbaugh

Amanda Hollinger

Carol Hollyfield

Ruth N. Holmquist

Irene Holroyd

Sarah Holton

Mark and Carolyn Holtzen

Joe and Ani Honan

Honest Biscuits

Leroy Hood

William D Hood

Horizons Foundation

Nancy Horman

Mary Horowitz

Ken Horsfall

Arlen Horst and Katherine MacDonald

Carolyn Horter

Martha Horter

Carol and Glenn Horton

Hotel 1000

Janine Hottovy

Erika Houle

Thomas Hovde and Francine Girard

Madaline Hozack

Li-chuan Huang

Rebecca Huddleston

Richard and Margaret Hudson

Elizabeth Huebner

Anne Huey

Mary Ellen and Lawrence Hughes

Randall and Jane Hummer

Yanie Hung

Regan Hurley

Winifred and Peter Hussey

Senia Hussong

Melissa Huther

Branden and Jennifer Huxtable

Hyatt Regency Southport

Susan Hyde and Gary Crowell

Hydrogen Advertising

Gary Hyman


Laura Ichikawa

Weldon Ihrig and Susan Knox

Violeta Ilieva

Anderson Imes

William and Julia Ingram

Inn at the Market

Sharon Ironmonger

Rebecca Ivey

Marcia Iwasaki

Denise Jackson

Erin Jackson

Melissa Jackson

Janet Jacobs

Kathryn Jacobs

G Leilani Jacobsen

Rachel Jacobson

Mary Lee Jahn

Katherine James Schuitemaker

David James

Elisabeth James

Michelle James

Elsie and Jeffrey Janson

Jean K LaFromboise Foundation

Barbara Jeantrout

Jeffery Circus

Ian Jeffries

Frank and Roberta Jenes

Laurel Jennings

Kelly Jensen

Jim Chow Jewelry

Jeff and Sheila Jirka

Mallika Joglekar

John Met Betty Handbags

Stephen John

Shelly and David Johnsen

Gerald Johnson and Linda R. Larson

Carol Johnson

Christina Johnson

Ted and Kris Johnson

Howard and Nancy Johnson

James and Holly Johnson

Jane Johnson

Karmen Johnson

Laura Johnson

Mark Johnson and Kathy Malley

Rich and Bobbie Johnson

Richard Johnson

Terrilyn Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Wendy Johnson

Nancy Johnston

Jones Lang Lasalle

Constance Jones

Jessica Jones

Josh Jones

Julia Jones

Olga Jones

Rachel Jones

Sally and Lew Jones

Sandra Jones

Nick and Kristin Jordan

Mary Jorgensen

Jim Jorgenson

Joshua Green Foundation, Inc

Lisa Joynes

JP Morgan Chase Bank

Ron and Sandra Judd

Janna Kach

Margot C. Kadesch

Dysa Kafoury

Ruth Kagi

Susan Kahan

Kerry Kahl

Jason Kahn

Michele Kahrs

Matthew Kaiser

Chris Kaloper

Ankit Kamboj

Dr. Anna Kaminski and Teresa Murphy

Robert Kaplan and Margaret Levi

Gina Karaba

Brad and Kristen Karabensh

Laura Karassik and Christopher Ramsborg

Megan Karch

Kasala Furniture

Paul Kassen

Steve Kato

Ken Katzaroff

Mary Kawaguchi

Ritsuko Kawaoka

Wistar C. Kay

Joseph and Catherine Keating

Kolbe Kegel

Bradley and Michelle Keller

Timothy Kelley and Angela Shen

Carolyn Kelly

Michael Kelly

Emily Kelso

Dennis Kemp

Kenmore Air Harbor, Inc.

Jackie Kesler

Cami Keyes

Richard Khoe

Asia Kieffer

Konstantin Kifa

Egan Kilbane

Rachel Kilgore

Chase Killebrew and Alejandro Valdivieso

Kristina Kilwien

Andrew Kim

King Conservation District

Jonathan King

Meg King

Kingfish Inn at West Sound

Pat Kinnaird

Katherine Kirk

Edward and Jennifer Kirschenbaum

Elizabeth Kister


Kitten Mittens

Philip Klatte

Evelyn N. Klebanoff

Mark Klebanoff

Maria Kleiber

Lyn Klein

Cindy and Terry Klett

Kathleen Kline and Andrew Russell

Seth Kling

Alisa and Ben Klingenstein

Alan and Margaret Klockars

Falko Kloepper

Erin Klunder

Melinda Kmitta and Tom Kmitta

Philip and Sharon Knowles

Knuckle Kiss Jewelry

KOBO Art Garden

William A Koch

Amanda Koh

Allan and Mary Kollar


Karen Koon and H Brad Edwards*

Nathan Korpela

Christopher Kors

Brynne Koscianski

Katheryn and Chapin Krafft

Cindy Krebs

Lawrence Kreisman and Wayne Dodge

Toby Kremple

Kendra Kruper

Steve Krupka

Arni Kruvant

Ann Ku

Corine Kuehlthau

McKenzie Kuiken

Kim Kulchycki

Bea Kumasaka

Maumita Kundu

Arthur Kuniyuki

Lori Kunze

Alex Kuperman

Gael Kurath

Georgia Kurtz

Genevieve LaBelle

Daniel LaFond-Cell

Monet LaForge

Ella Quinn Lagerquist

Marvelle Lahmeyer

Robert Laing

Cynthia Lair and Michael Geiger

Joseph Lamanno

Bradley Lamb

Doug Lamerson

Mary Lamery

Addie Land

Haley Land and Leanne Clarke

Megan Landau

Kay and Andy Landis

Keith Landis

Rebecca Lane

Pamela Ann Lange

Gail Lansing

Ken Large

Dianne Larsen

Kathie Larsen

Courtney Larson

JB Larson

Marielle Larson

Paul and Linda Larson

Susan Lasalle

Lasher Holzapefel Sperry & Ebberson, PLLC

Tara Lee and Peter Lawrence

Scott Lawson

Edward Lazowska and Lyndsay Downs

Nini Le

Bill Reid Leaming

Elizabeth Leber and Andrew Coveler

Dirk Lebsack

Sandi Lee

Suhua Lee

Virginia Lee

Karen Lehman

Margaret Lemberg

Dave Lemen

Jeffery and Bonney D. Lemkin

Holly Lendosky

Uli Lengenberg

Kevin Lennil and Amanda Guild

Eileen Lennon

Thomas Lennon and Patricia Keegan

Linda Lentgis

Linda Leonard

Leonarte Designs

David Leonhardt

Catherine Leschen

Elizabeth Leshner

Martha Lester

Alicia Levesque

Adam E. Levine

Jason and Anna Levine

Peter Levine

Julia and Michael Levitt

Andrew Lewis

Carla and Don Lewis

Jane Lewis

Kasey Lewis

Laurance and Renee Lewis

Haoyang Li

Christopher Libby and Nancy Kaynor

Nicolas Licata

Mary Ann and Tom Liebert

Paul Liebert

Rich Lilly

Erika Lim

Barbara Linde

Jeffrey and Kathleen Lindenbaum

Ross Linderman and Michele de Jesus

Mary Lippiatt

Donna and Benjamin Lipsky

Little Kicking Bird

Sharon Litvinoff

Jennifer Liu

Amanda Lizano

Allison Lizotte

Liezle Llarenas

Tyler and Kristin Llewelyn

Margaret Lloyd


Richard and Francine Loeb Family Foundation

Brian Loeffler

Lori Long

Stephanie Long

Tom Long

Vicki Long

Jennifer Loos

Paul Lotzgesell

Katherine Love

Stephen Lovell

Barbara Lowe

Mason Lowe

Brent and Kathy Lower

Kara and Joe Lucca

Wendy Lucero

Dawn Lucrisia-Johnson

Lucy Foundation

Piper Luhrs

Braden Lunn

Molly Luppi

Abby Luschei

Luther Burbank Corp Foundation

Chris Lye

Catherine Lyle

Alyssa Lynch

Beth Lynch

Carol Lyons

Lyou-Fu Ma

Lori MacDonald

Stacey MacDonald

Barbara Mack

Janice Macy

James Madden

Made in Washington

Jens Madsen

Katherine Maehl

Christopher Magan

Jennifer Maggiore

Judith Maginnis

Mary Magnano Smith

Ann Magnano and Sheri Boddy

Father Paul Magnano

James and Mary Ann Magnano

Mary and Joseph Magnano

Janice and Roger Mah

Judy Mahoney

Derek Majewski

Michal Makar

Timothy Maland

Louisa and Scott Malatos

Steve and Lisa Manghi

Ed Manley

Dave and Ann Mann

Amanda Mannila

Tiana Manola

Connie Mantel

John and Mary Marasco

Victor Marchi

Bree Marchitto

Benjamin Margoles

Mark K. McDaniels, DDS

Market Magic & Novelty Shop


Christina Markle DeCoudres

Anita Marks

Hannah and Ben Markwardt


Erika Marquez

Janice Marsters

Martin Smith Inc.

Casandra Martin

Mackenzie and David Martin

Mary Anne and Chuck Martin

Laurie C. and Arthur D. Martinelli

Andrew Martinez

Victoria Martinez

Barbara Mathewson

Joanne Mathis

John Mathis

Tiare Mathison

Graciela Matrajt

Eric Matthews

Janey Mattson

Erin Maude

Betsy Maurer

Michelle Mauro

Maximilien Restaurant

Peyton Mays

Ronald Maze

Casey McAlpin

Dawn McArthur

Rebecca McAuley

Marie McCaffrey

Molly McCarthy

Evie McCarty

Kyle McCleary

Patty McClellan

Sharon McClellan

Toni and Thomas McClory

Emily and Devin McComb

Scott McComb

Myra and Mike McCoy

Mary Kae McCullough

Amy McDavid

John and Claudia McDonald

Doug J. McDonnal and Lisa St George

Erica McEliece

Evy McElmeel and JV Hirschmann

Kaaren and James McElroy

Carolyn McGill

Kayleen McGinley

Allison McGinnis

Michael and Margaret McKasy

Nan McKay

Wendy and Mckee

Janet McKinnon and Peter Brown

Casey McLaughlin

Edward McLaughlin

Shanna McLean

McLuckie Lovett Trust

William McMurray

Seth and Beth McOmber

South Lake Union Rotary Foundation

Megan McQueen

Kelly Meagher

M Meissner

Mend My Dress Press

Gary Menges

Dani Menillo

Jonathan Mercer

Marion Mercer

Samantha Mercer

Marissa Merrick

Jane Messerly

Robert Messina

Metsker Maps of Seattle

Dominic Miani

Beth Mickelson

Martha Mickelson


Molly Milasich

Don and Pamela Miles

Amy Miller

Brittany Miller

Christine Miller

Dakota Miller

Joan Miller

John Miller

John Miller

Pamella Miller

Sheree Miller

Elizabeth Mills

Joseph Mills

Marlene Mills

Robert Mills

Sarah Mills and Derek Harris

Alyssa Milo

Randa Minkarah and Scott Mullins

Eric Misbe

Nancy Mishalanie

Arlene Mitchell

Cecily Mitchell

Dawn Mitchell

Donald and Pamela Mitchell

Dorali Mitre

Linda Mixon

Erika Mobley

Sandra Moening

Rebecca Moilanen

Carlton and Kristin Molesworth

Pam and Dean Moller

Jackie Molzhon

Susan Monas

Eric Monroe

Mike Monson

Evan Monzon

Moon Valley Organics

Kelly Mooney

Louise Mooney

Brandy Moore

Bruce Moore and Vicki Brown

Dan Moore and Carter Pecce

Erin Moore

Loyd Moore

Thomas Moore

Ernesto Morales-Perea

Dean Morell

Amy Morgan and Francois Ajenstat

Jennifer Morgan and Jay Schutz

Julie and Michael Morris

Valerie Morris

Mary Moseley

Carissa Mosiman

Christine B. Moss

Nathan Motulsky

Moxi Works

MSSA Designs

Christy Mua

Valerie Heide Mudra

Gretchen and Thomas Mueller

Jayne Muirhead

Linda Mullen

Alexandra Muller

Judith Mullikin

Deepak Munayat

Heidi Munson

Ashley M. Murphy

Brian Murphy

Donna Murphy

Patrick Murphy

Stephanie Murphy

Donna Murray

Mike Murtagh

Anthony and Lynette Mussio

Paul and Lisa Mutty

Drew Myers

Karen Myers

Michael Myint

Jennifer Nagel and John Thomas

James Nagle

Gary Nakamura

Aileen Nakata

Leslie Napier-Dabrowski

Carrie Narducci

John Narver

Myles Naso

Nature’s Twist

Paul Neal

Stephanie Neffner

Anita Neill

Erik and Tamara Nelson

Susan Nelson

Barbara Nepom

Sally and William Neukom

New Earth Apothecary

Julie and Tom Newell

Mary Newman

Gay Newton

Chuan Nguyen

Jason and Joanna Nguyen

Kadara Nguyen

Nicole Nguyen

Quynh-Anh and Nguyen

Carol Nichols and Reynaldo Sabado

Christina Nichols

Mahlon P Nichols Jr and Jeanne E Nichols

Ray and Trish Nicola

Harvey I.J. Niebulski

Lynn Nixon

George Noble

The Lookout Foundation

Sarah Noblitt

Cynthia Nodell and David Severin

Roberta Nodell

Rattana Noeun

Francina Noordhoek

Norberg Foundation


Jeannie and Bruce Nordstrom

Vickie Norris and J. Robert Leach

Fred and Ashley Northup

Northwest Relocation Solution

Sharon Norton

Sasha Nosecchi

Carol Novak

Leslie Novick

Fran Nowak

Mark Nudelman

Lenell Nussbaum

Matt Nutt and Amy VanBlaricom

Julie Nyhus

Jody Deering Nyquist

Allison Oakes

Dean and Leslie Odenthal

Nenita Odesa

John and Judy Ogliore

Ruby and Michael Okada

Deems and Margaret Okamoto

Gene Okino

Therese Okraku

Kathryn O’Leary

Susan OLeary

Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP

Eric Olinsky

Leonard and Colleen Oliver

Rosemarie and Pike Oliver

Beth Olsen

Meg Olsen

Steve and Felicia Olsen

Ned Olson

Sandra Olson

Gayle Olsson

Meaghan O’Malley

OneEnergy, Inc.

David O’Neil

Patrick and Margaret Opalka

John and Deanna Oppenheimer

Orange Dracula

Patricia Orellana

Diane and Walter Orenstein

Gordon Orians

Michele Orr

Betta Orshansky

Christopher Ortiz

Mike W. Osborn

John Osborne

Jennifer Ott

Susan Otten

Clare Ouyang

Steven and Mary S. Overman

Barry Overton

Jessica Overton

Marilyn Pabros

Pacific Market International, LLC

Stuart Padley

Randy Pagulayan

Richard Pain

Gail and John Paine

Alan Painter

Julie Palacios

Beatrice Palesi

Edward Palmer

Brian Palmquist

Ruxandra Panainte

Kristi Pangrazio

Paper Butterfly

Paper Hammer

Laurel Pardee

Lowell Park

Bradley and Becky Parker

Christie Parker

Colleen Parker

Susan Parker

Craig Parsons

Joanie Parsons

Dr. Linda Pastor and Phillip Welch

Suzanne Patneaude

Pattern and Posy

Devynn Patterson

Jan Patterson

Julia Patterson

Sara Patton

Farrah Paul

Greg Paul

Helen Payton

Alan and Regina Pearlman

Paul K. Pearse

Megan Peck

Jacob Peddicord

Neal and Patricia Pedersen

Janet Pelz and Robert Koplowitz

Albert Penarejo

Stephanie Pender

Matthew Pentz

David Perlmutter

Pam Perry

MG Peskura

Susan and Michael Peskura

Peterson Sullivan LLP

Amber Peterson

Beth Peterson

Bryce Peterson

Janice Peterson

Jenni Peterson

Kemp Peterson

Lisa Peterson

Julie Peterson-Snyder

Cassandra Petty

Laurie Pfarr

Holly and James Phelps

Karen Phillips

Peggy Phillips

Robin Phillips

Sarah Phillips

Tyler Pichette

John and Vicki Pierce

Jessica Pierson

Karen Pierson

David S. Pietka and Rebekah Pape

Pike & Virginia Homeowners

Pike Brewing Company

Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Market PDA

Pike Place Pigs

Pike Place Podcast

Elizabeth Pirnat

Plona Family

Caroline Plummer

Carolyn Plunkett

Russell Pogemiller

Polish Pottery Place

Christina Poole

Raluca Pop

Suzanne Poppema

Judith Porter

Amanda Posch

Posner-Wallace Foundation

Ann Potts

Charles Potts

George Potts

David Powell

Ruth and Rob Pratt

Premera Blue Cross

Mary Preslar

Marj Press

Heather M. Preston

Deborah Price

Jim Price

Trish Priest

David and Sandra Prince

Tisbury Pringle-Ennis

Print Witchery

Patricia Pritchard

John and Priscilla Privat

Linda Prot

Mark Proulx and Nancy Kuehnoel

Ruth Prudence

Punch Drunk Productions

Julia Putnam

Queen Anne Olive Oil

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Kasia Rachuta

Sue Rader-Blymyer

Joan Radoll

Douglass and Katherine Raff

Suzanne Ragen

Barbara Rait

Seth Rait

Abhijith Rajiv

Jeannie Rakamnuaykit

Neave Rake

Tom Rall

Preethi Ramani

Mike Ramey

Kim Ramirez

Sebastian Ramirez

Christina Ramos

Ann Ramsay-Jenkins

Dylan Randolph

Ron and Jayne Ranheim

Bryan Ransford

Mary Ransom and Thomas Allen

Sarah Rathbone

Sally Rawlings

Caitlin Rawlins and Steve Wasik

Isis Ray

Reading Terminal Market Merchants Association

Red Ventures

Tiia Mai Redditt

Donna Reed

Kevin Reed

Heather Refvem

Holly Regan

Jay and Jane Reich

Joan Reichenberger

WT and AB Reid

Sandra Reisman

Robert and Katherine Reitinger

Florence Rench

Kelly Rench

Resort At Port Ludlow

Erin Ressler

Revolve True Food & Wine Bar

Braiden Rex-Johnson and Spencer Johnson

Toni Reyes

Breezy Reynolds

Jackie Reynolds

Paula and Stephen Reynolds

Lesley Ribble

Constance and Norman Rice

Erin Rice

Hayley Richard

Toby and Sue Richards

Claire Richardson

Lisa Richardson

Mary Richardson

Joshua Richter

Carey and Nicole Riddell

Margaret Riddle

Calli Ridolfi

Paul Ried

Karen Rilke

Anita Rineheart

Ann Ringstad

Yesenia Rios

Benjamin Robbins

Donn and Patricia Roberts

Patrick and Marilyn Roberts

Paul Roberts

Sandra Roberts and Kimberly Kellerman

Tobias Roberts

Alex Robertson

Mary Robertson

Jessica Robins

David Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson and Carol Stockton

Jonathan and Kathleen Robinson

Kathy and Dan Robinson

Kauilani and Eric Robinson

Keri A. Robinson

Kimberly Robinson

Brian and Rose Rockey

Linda Rockey

Dr. Paul Rockey

Mary Kathryn Rodgers

Catherine Rodriguez

Brian Rogers

Evan Rogers

Sarah Rogers

Dana Rohde

Virginia Rohde

Marilyn Rohrbach

Rachel Rohrbach

Kay Rood

Katie Rook

Megan Rooney

Emma Roscoe

Marga Rose Hancock

Elizabeth Rose

Stephen Rose

Mark Rosen

Ted Rosenbaum

Todd Rosenberg

Laurie Rosen-Ritt and Steve Ritt

Katie Rosenthal

Bill Ross

Andrew Rossi

Lynn Rosskamp and Wilhelm Fitzpatrick

Matt Rosston and Lindsay Hayes

Daryl and Bonnie Rosta

Ronald Roth

Dr. Alan Rothblatt and Dr. Sima Kahn

Hayden Row

Stacy Rowland

Richard Roy

Russell’s Restaurant

Jeni Ruthruff

Jainene Ruttner

Jason Ruymen and Elizabeth Kindred

Jill Ryan and Steve Kerr

Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland

Anne Ryder

Alyssa Saari

Julie Saathoff

Sabando Design

Kristeena and Ron Sabando



Sharon & Mike Salzberg

Donna Sammons

Patricia Sampson

Joan and Werner Samson

Lisa Samson and Michael Gamsky

The Samuel Family

Carl Sander

Erin Sanders

Jennifer Sandstrom

Alyssa Sanford

Mona Sanger

Michael and Christine Sannella

Melissa Santos


Faye Sarkowsky

Patty Sather

Chinara Satkeeva

Shelley Saunders

Sharon Sausville

Savor Seattle Food Tours

Eryn Sawyer

Cheri Sayer

Rachel Schaefer

Jody Schaible

Janet and George Schairer

Mindi Schautz

Elaine Scherba

Shelley Schermer

Michael Schick and Katherine Hanson

Sidra Schkerke

Katharine Schlesinger

Leo Schmidt

Dorson Schneider

Barbara Schneller

Judy and Joseph Schocken

Jeff and Julie Schoenfeld

Cindi Schoettler

Dale Schomer

David Schooler and Kristen Webb

Jenn Schooley

Era Schrepfer

Steve and Kate Schroder

Elizabeth Schubert

Christoph Schuler

Schultz Family Foundation

Jennifer and Peter Schumacher

Kelly Schutz

PJ Schwab

Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt

Lorraine and Franz Schwarm

The Schwarz Family

Annette Schwientek

Jennifer Schwientek

Tanja Schwientek

Bruce Scott

Karen Scott

Katherine Seale

Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar

Molly and Glenn Seaverns

Jenny Seay

Pete Segall and Heather Dolin

Susan Sellin

Sena Sea Seafoods

Steve Severson

Monica Seward

Liz Sexton

Barbara Shaiman

Kevin Shanahan

Peter Shank

Cherie Shanks

Casey Shaw

Michael Shaw

Michele Shaw

Sharon and Michael Shaw

Jessie Shawver

Scott Shawver

Michael Sheafe

Mary Sheehan

Shell Oil

Lynn Shemanski

Allison Shephard

Karen Sheppard

Ernest Sherman

Geneva and Richard Sherman

Lillian Sherman

Marc C. Sherman

Jill Sherman-Konkle

Alex Sherry

Ashley Sherwood

Kanon Shibata

Kai Shibuya

Barbara and Joe Shickich

Emmanuelle Shih

Ruth Shimano

Sharron and Robert Shinbo

Gyan Shinn

Krista Shirley

Shug’s Soda Fountain + Ice Cream

Stephanie Shull and Lori Homer

Phyllis Shulman

Kathryn Shultz

Cindy and Rob Shurtleff

Nancy Silk

Sill Family Foundation

Silver Cherry

Silver Cloud Inns & Hotels

Terry Silver-Alford

Brian Silverstein

Susan Simison

Melinda Simon

Stuart and Susan Simon

Susie Simpkins

Rob Simpson

Patterson and Katy Sims

Hazel Singer and John Griffiths

Divya Singh

Madhura Singh

Joan and Edward Singler

Meghamala Sinha

Nancy Sipple

Barbara Sisson

Rainelle Sizemore and Wayne Porter

Joseph Skinner

Laurie Skipworth

Keith and Carla Skogland

Brinton and Andrea Slaeker

Dale Smith

Gary and Ann Smith

Gerald R. Smith and Vicki Halper

Mickey and Patricia Smith

Joy Nako

Pam Smith

Susanna Smith

Thomas Smith

Warren and Nancy Smith

Tyler Smits

Nolan Smyth

Penelope and Paul Smyth

Gil and Robyn Sneed

William Snoey

Nora and Rob Snowden

Snug Harbor

Stephen So

Claudia and Joel Soisson

Tamara Sollinger

Vandy & Micah Solomon

Ellie Somers

Kate Somers

Cynthia Sonstelie

Leonard Sorrin and Kay Deasy

Sosio’s Fruit and Produce

Sound Credit Union

Elisa Kay Sparks

Maryse Sparks

Jennifer Spatz

Margaret Speas

Timothy and Laurel Spelman

Jonathan and Meghan Spence

Patricia and Stuart Spencer

Ellin Spenser

Kelley Spikes

Maggie Sprague

Blair Sprunk

Chris Stackhouse

Adam Stalker

Howard and Patricia Stambor

Lilly Stamets

Norm Stamper

Fielding Stapleton

Starbucks Coffee Company

Ilene Stark

Ruth Stark

Shelley Stark

Sophie Staskiewicz

State Farm Companies Foundation

Wendy Stauff

Frederick Stearns Foundation

James Stein

Richard Stein

Laura Steinberg

Stephen Steinberg

Carlyn Steiner

Robert Stephens

Clayton Stephenson

Stacey Sterling

Ed and Kathryn Sterner

Kelly Stevenson

Jesse Stewart

Rob and Vicki Stewart

Warren Stickney

Diane Stielstra

Janet Stiles

Kathleen Stilinovic

Jennifer Stilwell

Kay and John Stimson

Lisa and Richard Stirgus

David Stob

Bruce and Carole Stock

Alexandra Stone

Lewis Stone

Dawson Stoops

Eric Stordahl

Janet Straus

James Strautman

Rachel Strodtbeck and Chris Carroll

Donna Strohl

Jared Strote and Kristine Kruger

Helen Stusser

Laura Stusser-McNeil and Kevin McNeil

John Suddarth

Michele Suire

Cameron Sullivan

Jeremy Sullivan

Margaret Sullivan

Randall Sullivan

Woodruff and Barbara Sullivan

Lisa Sumerwell

Summit Law Group, PLLC

Liann and Stephen Sundquist

Sur La Table

Nayana Suwanchote

Patricia Swanson

Amanda Swearngin

Michael and Lynne Sweeney

Jennifer Sweeny

Cheryl Swift

Mary Jane Swindley

Jesse Swingle

Swire Coca Cola

Synchrony Financial


Julie Tabery

Merideth Tall

Susan and Jon Talton

Steven Tanabe

Ted Tanabe

Audrey Tang

Linh Tang

Lyn Tangen and Richard Barbieri


Carol Tashiro

Amber Taylor

Beth Taylor

Robin Taylor

William Tegen

Carol Teitz

Kenny Telesco

Beck Tench

Jill Tennant

Era Terry

Nathan Tesch

John Teutsch and Mary Foster

TEW Foundation

Christopher Tezak and Stephanie Schuster

The Emerald

The Kenneth T. and Eileen K. Norris Foundation

The Norcliffe Foundation

The Pike Place Market Creamery

The Seneca Real Estate Group

The Zen Guy

Jared Theis

Emily Therneau


Louise Thibodaux

Victoria and Aiken Thodt

Allan Thomas

Gretchen Thomas

Lauren and Lance Thomas

Stan and Diane Thomas

Thompson Seattle

Alison Thompson

Mary Ann and Kenneth Thompson

Clover Thurk

Thurston Charitable Foundation

Arlene and Mark Tibergien

Jonathan Tidmore

John Tidwell

Allison Tilt

Regan Timmerman

Devlin Timony-Balyeat

JR and Amy Tipton

Tisbury Art Glass

Leah Tiscione

Ann Tiura


Brian Tofte-Schumacher

Thomas and Deborah Tokarz


Jonathan Tong

Elizabeth Topping

George Torres

Jennifer Torres

Kathryn Torrez

Annette Tortorige

Ileene Tow

Neal Traven

Sophia Traweek

Tanya Treat


John Trench

Katie Trimpe-Parker

Laura Troyani and Norris Kamo

Peter and Jackie True

Truffle Queen

David Trull

Carla Trulson-Essenberg

Lauren Tsung

Alec Turnbull

John H. Turnbull and JoAnn Cowan

Ingrid Turner

Mary Turner

Rachel Turner

Susan S. Turner

Terrence Turner

Two Moth Press

Twyla Dill Design

Ugly Baby

Nathan Uhl

Uli’s Famous Sausage

Marsha Ulmer

Umpqua Bank

Sarah Unbehaun

United Airlines

UnitedHealth Group

University of Washington


Lynne Uyehara

Paloma V.

Darya Valchonak

Lesa Valenzuela

Eric Vallieres and Christine Lee

Sarah Vallieu

Robert Van Cleve

Shauna Van Dongen

Jane and David Van Galen

Galen Van Horn

Christy and Tom VanBuskirk

Frits and Letty Vanderlinden

Marika and Colin VanderSmith

Jovita and Blaine VanDerSnick

Kathleen and Paul Vanderspek

Cynthia Vangilder

Nicki Vannatter

Christine M. Vaughan

Rachel Vaughn

Ann Venables and Jim Bender

Sirigoon Veohongs

Monique Vescia

Gina Vickrey

David Victor

Robert Viehland

Jenn Villatte

Lenore Viloria

Shannon Vincent

Vintage Creations

Peeranut Visetsuth

Jessica Voelker and James Gardner

Emily Vogel

Alex Volk

Andrew Volk

Chris Volk

Christopher Vondrasek and Paula McArdle

Matthew Vroman

Angie Waddle

Deidra Wager

Robert Wagner and Julie Bello

Susan Wagner

Walther Wagner

Rachel Wagner-Kaiser

Marcia D. Wagoner and David Hewitt

Roger K. Wagoner and Kay Livingston

Judith and James Wagonfeld

Michael Walberg

Ed Waldock and Melinda Jodry

David Walker

James F Walker

Walker Family Foundation

Marisa Walker

Steve Walker

Todd Wallar

Walsh Construction

Darren Walsh

Theresa Walsh

Veronica Walter

Jason Wandler

Nancy Ward and Toby Bright

Jon and Paul Warn

Margaret Warner-Lubin

Ruth and Todd Warren

Sarah Warren

Washington Federal Foundation

Scott Wasner

Cassaundra Wass

Dale Watanabe

Joanne Watchie

Jennifer Waterman

Waterways Cruises and Events

Anna Watkins

Sheila Watkins

Austin and Mary Watson

Gary Watson

Alan Waugh

Seth Wayne

John Webber

Susan and Michael Weber

Margaret Weborg

Cydney Webster

Angela Webster-Lam

Thomas Weeks and Deborah Oyer

Lexie Weil

Robert Weinberg

Weird Woods

Julie and Mike Weisbach

Richard and Jodie Welch

Wells Fargo Foundation

Matthew and Marianne Wells

Amanda Welsh

Leeland Werle

Angelia Wesch

Mitch Wessels


Melissa Westberg

Sheryl Westergreen

Westland Distillery

Teri and Robert Wheeler

Lisa Wheldon

John Whikehart

Cynthia Whitaker

Caroline White

Deborah White

Rayana White

Kelly Whiteside

Dustin Whitman

Keith Whittemore

Whole Foods Market

Betsy Wickes

Jonathan Wiggs

Karen Wiliams and Joseph Heck

Mark Wilkins

Andrew Williams

Carole Jo Williams

Janet Williams

Kathryn Williams

Linda Willow

Wilridge Winery

Andrew and Crystal Wilson

James D. Wilson

Judy Wilson

Julie Wilson

Kay Wilson

Kelly Wilson

Roxie Wilson

Sharon Wilson

Windstar Cruises

Judith Wing

Mark and Donna Winningham

Cam Winter

Breana Winters

Riann Wishon

Thomas and Marlene Wissler

Bob Witter

Bernie Wittman

Ellen Wohl

Dr. Jodie Wohl and Richard Hert

Deborah Wolfsachs

Catherine Wolkow

Anthony Wong

Laura Wong

Chip Wood

Christina Woods

Ira Worden

Amy Worthington

Marion Woyvodich

Deborah Wozniak

Craig and Joan Wrench

Mary Beth Wressell

Amanda Wright and John Chestnut

Cindy Wright

Ron Wright

Rochelle Wyatt

Wyman Youth Trust

Merrily Wyman

Joan C. Wynar

Wyncote Foundation

Scott Wynn

Susan Yamamoto

Jeong Yoon Yang

Gary Yao

Judith Yarrow

Yusuke Yazawa

Ernesto Ybarra

Brittney Yeats

Constance Yenne

Evelyn Yenson

Kathleen Yingling

Elman Ylaya

Tammy Lynn York

Judy Yorozu and Karen Barnes

Catherine Yoshimoto

Kristen and Brian Young

Russell Young

  1. William T Youngs

Linda Youngs

Ted Youngs and Claire Renault

Lilian Yuen

Carol Yund

Peggy Zafarana and John Crowser

Karl and Ellen Zahlis

Josh Zampino

Chelsea Zarnowski and Andrew Parker

Christine Ziemnik

Ellen Zienta

Leonard and Anni Zilz

Lauren Zondag

* = Indicates the individual has passed away

Bold names are our 2020 Market Foundation Board Members and Fellows

We apologize for any missing, incorrect, or misspelled names throughout this report. We would greatly appreciate assistance in helping us correct our records. Please call (206) 774-5254 or email info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org with changes.

Board of Directors

2020 Board Year


Lindy Gaylord, President

Nicole Bahr, President-Elect

Joel Carsley, Treasurer

Sherry Burkey, Secretary

Chris Volk, Member At-Large

Eddie Kirschenbaum, Member At-Large

Peter True, Member At-Large

Abraham Dairi, Past President


Kirsten Anderson

Clint Bennett

Natasha Bleier

Elizabeth Coppinger

Christine Craig

Austin Dienst

James Furlan

Emeline Jumie Garba

Carol Garza

Jason Hamblin

Nick Hawley

Christopher Juneau

Kenneth Katzaroff

Joe Keating

Reid Martin

Dan Moore

Amy Morgan

Raluca Pop

Mary Richardson

Kauilani Robinson

Brian Rockey

Matt Rosston

Skylee J. Sahlstrom

Lisa Samson

Ryan Santwire

Michele Shaw

Sharon Shaw

Warren Stickney

Susan Talton

Angelica Wesch

Mary Beth Wressell

Ted Youngs

UW Board Fellows

Lacey Aaker

Alyssa McClure

Tyler Pichette

Galen Van Horn

Market Foundation Staff

*Christi Beckley, Development Director

Velma Cheney, Resource Coordinator

Nicole Cilley, Business and Fiscal Administrator

Crystal Dixon, The Market Commons Manager

*Kelly Erlandson, Corporate Engagement Specialist

Kathryn Hortner, Market Commons Program Coordinator

Keith Daly, Development Director

Patricia Gray, Community Relations Manager

Stella Jones, Research Outreach Coordinator

Lexie Rodriguez, Corporate Engagement Specialist

Jennifer Schooley, Donor Relations Specialist

Lillian Sherman, Executive Director

Tiffany Swanson, Special Events Manager

*Alejandro Valdivieso, Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

Lauren Wolbaum, Communications Coordinator

*Left the Market Foundation during 2020-21 Fiscal Year


Designed by DEI Creative
Photos by Patricia Gray and Alejandro Valdivieso/ Videos by David Albright
Written by Patricia Gray, Lillian Sherman, and Lauren Wolbaum

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