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The Generous Spirit of MoxiWorks

Posted March 11, 2019

It takes a village of social services at Pike Place Market to ensure that our neighbors are happy and healthy.That means it takes the generous spirit of active donors to bolster and uplift our mission to nurture this thriving Market community.

That’s why we’re so appreciative of MoxiWorks – since 2013, the company has donated over $74,000 to the Pike Place Market Foundation. What makes this donation so meaningful is that the money is raised by employees through the Moxi Fund, in which the Moxi community comes together and contributes funds either directly or through fundraising.

Leading by example, CEO of MoxiWorks York Bauer, matches funds and enthusiasm.  “The Moxi Fund is not only about helping housing-related causes, it’s about making the community with which we live and work a better place. Because we’re located a short walk from the Pike Place Market, the Market Foundation seemed the perfect place to tie these aspects together,” says York Bauer.

As a special surprise, the MoxiWorks team visited the Market last week to deliver their biggest check yet: a donation of $25,000! We were astounded by this generous donation, especially with the many people and social service agencies that this donation will help.

Their involvement doesn’t just end with dollars – employees from MoxiWorks volunteer with the Pike Market Food Bank as part of their company-wide Community Service Day. MoxiWorks also actively participates in our annual holiday drive, The Giving Tree, adopting 20 families every year to give holiday gifts and treats.

For MoxiWorks, it’s about keeping their strong tradition of supporting families in the downtown community. As York puts it, “We’re honored to be a small part of their big mission.”

Thank you MoxiWorks for your continued support of the Market Foundation!