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Enough Food to Go Around

Posted May 15, 2018

While you shop for the juiciest piece of fruit at a Pike Place Market produce stand, our volunteer Walter from Pike Market Food Bank is carting away boxes of slightly imperfect, yet perfectly delicious and nutritious fruits and veggies. He is sourcing day-old bread from La Panier, coffee from Starbucks and boxes of bananas from Target, so that our hungry neighbors stay nourished.

Pike Market Food Bank is a critical service in the Market community that reduces both hunger and food waste in downtown Seattle. All told, 823,720 lbs. of food were distributed to 3,933 shoppers last year at the cost of just 50 cents per shopping trip!

Help us pass the produce around the Market! And don’t forget, up to $10,000 of donations will be matched by our board of directors.

Pike Place Market is so much more than incredible fish and flowers, among more than 500 merchants and 15 million shoppers, are our neighbors who visited the Market 170,259 times last year to access our community of services.



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