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Healthcare where you least expect it

Posted May 15, 2018

Forty years ago a group of downtown volunteers setup a medical clinic in the back of a tavern in Pike Place Market. Today it’s evolved into NeighborCare Health at Pike Place Market, the downtown clinic for all kinds of patients to access comprehensive healthcare, especially those who are uninsured, low-income, and homeless. Their outreach teams go into low-income housing buildings and homeless encampments and are able to handle everything from managing diabetes to addressing the opioid crisis.

All told, clinic staff at the Market managed 29,793 healthcare visits throughout downtown Seattle.

Help keep our neighbors healthy:

And, don’t forget, up to $10,000 of donations will be matched by our board of directors.

Pike Place Market is so much more than incredible fish and flowers, among more than 500 merchants and 15 million shoppers, are our neighbors who visited the Market 170,259 times last year to access our community of services.



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