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How to do Arcade Lights right

Posted March 13, 2018

Arcade Lights is coming up fast – on Friday, March 23rd 70 vendors will be filling the stalls in the Pike Place Market Arcade and handing out sweet and savory bites, bitter brews, and refreshing cocktails. There will even be crafters there participating in our new Night Market! We know it can be tricky to take full advantage of such an awesome event so we put together a list of tips and tricks to help you out.

Step 1: Buy your tickets. Listen, we know how it goes. You live in Seattle, a city plagued by a serious case of the last-minute-ticket-purchasies. You want to wait until the very last possible moment to see if anything intriguing is going to come up. Well news flash, there will be nothing more tantalizing than Arcade Lights on the night of March 23rd (there is no way you won’t have finished the whole season of Jessica Jones by then). And if you don’t get your tickets now they are likely to sell out soon. Don’t be the only one sitting at home experiencing some serious FOMO when you could be here stuffing your face with fabulous local food!

Step 2: Take local transit downtown! Then you don’t have to pay for parking. Plus, we know you won’t be able to keep your hands off those cocktails and it isn’t safe to drink and drive. After the event the Uber and Lyft cars will be circling like sharks so you will have no problem getting a ride home.

Step 3: Since you took that awesome local transit you are super excited to try some delicious drinks! Check out this zodiac sign liquor guide to determine which drinks will suite you best. Or just try whichever ones sound good in the moment. We won’t judge.

Step 4: EAT ALL THE FOOD. You’re ticket is basically an invite to an AYCE buffet. So don’t worry about that friend you brought with you, they will fend for themselves, your goal is to try everything. This is an event packed with new flavors and local freshness. There will be sweet, savory, spicy offerings everywhere you turn. Get it while the getting is good, we always say.

Step 5: Dance. We will have three different bands at the event so come with your dancing shoes on.

If you follow these suggestions carefully we are pretty sure you will get the most out of your ticket. But even if you throw caution to the wind and go rouge it is going to be an awesome night. Also – remember when we told you to get your tickets NOW and you thought, “Oh yeah, I should do that!” But then you forgot while you were reading the rest of the article… Now we are reminding you! Get your tickets today. 

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