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Love is in the air on the MarketFront

Posted February 12, 2018

Sean OBrien got his proposal idea from hearing eight months of updates during the MarketFront’s construction. Sean works as a Project Manager for Sellen Construction, the company that built the MarketFront, and so when he started hearing about the Market Charms he came up with the idea to use one to ask his girlfriend, Tracey, to marry him. Once the idea was in his head he couldn’t get it out so he set plans in motion to make it happen.

On December 30th Sean planned a Market filled day for him and Tracey, starting with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, followed by breakfast at the Athenian, and then an afternoon of shopping. Before they left for the day Sean suggested that they head out to the MarketFront to check out the new expansion and the view. When they got out there the first thing Tracey noticed were the Charms and Sean casually guided her over to panel #59 so they could read a few. They playfully read through the inscriptions until Sean purposefully held up one in particular that said, “Tracey R will you marry me”. Because the proposal was a complete surprise Tracey was a little unsure that it was meant for her until Sean punctuated the gesture by getting down on one knee. At that point Tracey hugged and kissed him and of course, said yes.

The Market has always been one of Tracey and Sean’s favorite places and now they have created yet another memory there, which they can visit and cherish for years to come. If you have someone special in your life that you want to write a special message to consider inscribing it on a Market Charm. Donate today by clicking here.

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