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Discover Pike Place Treasures

Posted August 8, 2017

Pike Place Market is filled with an overwhelming variety of delicious food options. So many in fact, you probably don’t get to taste everything on your list during a visit. At Sunset Supper, we are making it easy! Here’s your chance to conveniently taste some exquisite Market gems. Tickets

Pike Place Chowder

A group of chowder-lovers made magic. Hovering and arguing, they mixed secret spices with the very best clams, in a broth fit for royalty; then added bacon and potatoes slow-simmered with fresh milk and cream. Gradually, they created a briny, smooth-as-silk version presented to customers, with an epic saga of sea-faring uncles and generations of grandmothers.

Matt’s in the Market

Imaginative cuisine that changes based on what is available from the stalls in the Market. With unflagging passion to create a memorable culinary experience for every diner, Matt’s daily celebration of the Market as the prime source of both inspiration and ingredients, lasting respect for the traditions of the Market is guaranteed to continue.

Athenian Seafood Restaurant

The Athenian was first opened by three Greek brothers, about 1909. From a bakery to a tavern and then to a restaurant, the Athenian’s story is a special one. Throughout it’s history in the Pike Place Market, the Athenian has been the crossroads of people from all over the world and a haven for those who have found their homes and futures in the Great Northwest.



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