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Seattle Sweet Treats

Posted August 7, 2017

Might you have a summer sweet tooth? Well, we’ve got great news for you. The party of the summer is here to satiate all of your sugary cravings. Sample some of Seattle’s best confectionary treats at this year’s Sunset Supper! Tickets

Macrina Bakery

It’s hard to resist the aroma when you walk into Macrina bakery. The display case is a feast for the eyes, overflowing with all kinds of pastries. Several dozen treats fill up the case, shelves and counter. ‘I’ll take one of each!’ is a comment often heard. Macrina Bakery offers a variety of cakes and tarts to suit everyone’s tastes! From classics like rich Red Velvet to specialties like the very popular Whisper Cake, you’ll find one to made just for you.

Bluebird Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bar and Soda Fountain. Small-batch artisan ice cream. Nano-brewed craft sodas and beers. All made in-house.

Fran’s Chocolates

Dedicated to preserving the pure, clean flavor of chocolate, Fran Bigelow is renowned for creating intense chocolate notes with a seductive texture. Her mastery of chocolate allows her to bring out its depth and complexity by building layers of flavor that heighten the experience.

Choukette – éclair’art

Artists, who just happen to make artisan éclairs. The palette is inspired by the colors and flavors of the Pacific Northwest and France. Pastries are combined parts discipline, creativity, execution and folly -art.is.an éclair.

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