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Donors get excited for Grand Opening!

Posted June 27, 2017

Janina and Marvin met roughly eight years ago in the Philippines while working on a college paper. A series of moves brought Marvin to Seattle and Janina had the opportunity to visit him in 2014. While she was in Seattle she also visited the Pike Place Market for the first time as a tourist. They did all the tourist must-dos: oogling the bubblegum wall, munching on some piroshkies, standing in line at the “First Starbucks”, savoring some Pike Place chowder, slurping something sweet at Ellenos Yogurt and capping the day with a quiet cozy dinner at Place Pigalle.


In the summer of 2015 Marvin and Janina got married and she moved to Seattle to join her new husband. They lived in Belltown, which was very close to the Market. Living downtown afforded them with the opportunity to frequent the Market. They often stopped to get fresh fruit from Socio’s or to satisfy their grilled cheese fix at Beecher’s. They filled their new kitchen with goodies from Sur La Tab, took their friends to dinner at the Pink Door or just hung out at Storyville Café. The Market quickly became a special part of their lives.

Janina enjoying Post Alley


Christmas trips to the Market

In 2015 Janina also learned about the Pike Up! campaign and the Market Charms for the first time. She knew that a Market Charm would be the “perfect and memorable ‘First Christmas Gift’ to my husband. We were newly married (just four months at the time), Seattle was our first home as a couple, we had so many memories at Pike Place Market and I knew the donation would support Pike Place’s growing community.” She put their wedding anniversary, 08.08.15 on their Market Charm so that it could be a marker as they start this new chapter of their lives. She admits, “Maybe soon, who knows, we might move to a different country or city, but we will always have our mark in Pike Place to look back on and remind us of happy times.”


When asked if they plan to attend Grand Opening on June 29th to meet their Market Charm Janina said, “Yes, we will be visiting in the afternoon. It’s been a year and a half since I donated for my Market Charm, so I am definitely excited to see it. My husband is even more excited to see the Christmas gift I “gave” him three years ago. Now we’re finally going to see it in person!”

Marvin with his Market Charm


Two happy Market Charm donors!

Are you planning on coming down to meet your Market Charm? Make sure you mark June 29th on your calendar and head to the Market for the Grand Opening of the MarketFront and the unveiling of the Market Charm fence. We will have volunteers in place to help you!


Haven’t had a chance yet to honor the ones you love with a Market Charm? There is still time. Click here to gift a Market Charm to the special people in your life. Charms donated this summer will be installed in the fall of 2017.

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