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Market Moms for Mother’s Day

Posted May 12, 2017

Whether you are a tourist or a local there is something truly special about the Pike Place Market. When you are walking through the Arcade or exploring the Down Under you can feel the authenticity. It radiates from the space and from the people who work here. Pike Place Market is an amazing place to live, work and learn because it is a vibrant community, made up of neighbors and friends, artists and farmers, mothers and daughters. This Mother’s Day we are excited to honor another Market Mom: Jillian Gallinger.

Mother's Day

Jillian and Zavia hanging out with Rachel

Jillian has been part of the Market community for six years, working at two different shops in the Down Under during that time. She was the manager at Pharaoh’s Treasures for many years before taking on a couple of days a week at Antique Touch. Her experience in the stores has changed her life over the past couple of years.

As a self-described Seattle hermit, something about the Market’s eclectic and quirky nature has brought out Jillian’s personable side.  She began by getting to know the people on her floor of the Market, but she didn’t stop there. At this point many of her fellow merchants know her by name. For Jillian, puttering around her two stores, organizing cases of antiques and schmoozing with tourists and locals has become her personal form of down time. She knows some people might find that crazy, but she just loves being at Pike Place Market!

It helps that her daughter, Zavia, has been attending the Pike Market Childcare and Preschool since she was 18 months old. Now four, Zavia is growing up as a Market Kid. Zavia loves to join Jillian in the store, greeting guests and pushing the buttons on the cash register. Jillian counts herself lucky to work in a place that is so accommodating. As a single mom her employer’s flexibility has made her and Zavia’s life together more manageable. Jillian and Zavia’s favorite thing to do at Pike Place is to attend the Evening Market together during the summer. They split tamales, do arts and crafts and tip the buskers. Over the years the Market has become family for the both of them.

Mother's day

A great place to call home.

This Mother’s Day the Market Foundation will honor Jillian with a Market Charm, allowing her to finally write her daughter’s name onto the new MarketFront!  You too can honor your own mom this year. Visit PikeUp.org and create a special inscription, just for her, on a Market Charm. Everyone’s mom deserves to have their name written into the history of Pike Place Market! Also, don’t forget that Flower Fest is happening this weekend at Pike Place Market! A beautiful bouquet goes will with a Market Charm.

Get Mom a Market Charm

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