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Pike Place Market Neighborhood Center

Posted November 1, 2016

Help grow a thriving, caring community at Pike Place Market!

Pike Place Market is more than its incredible fish, flowers, and fruit – it’s a living, breathing village in the heart of downtown Seattle. The Market is home to 450 residents, many of whom are low-income seniors, and a network of services that provide health care, healthy food, child care, and a community of support to 11,000 our most vulnerable neighbors in downtown Seattle.

Yet, the needs in our community continue to grow every day. Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation and downtown is our fastest-growing residential neighborhood. Pike Place Market’s new MarketFront expansion is an opportunity to continue building on our mission to create a thriving, caring community in the heart of downtown.

Introducing the Pike Place Market Neighborhood Center:

Imagine a welcoming place where information, volunteers, and community resources are available. Starting in summer 2017, this will be a place where community is built, nurtured, and sustained.

Many people move into the neighborhood without understanding the incredible resources at hand,” said Jennifer Bachhuber, Housing Director at Providence Vincent House near the Market. “It will be wonderful to have a welcoming place to send people wanting to learn more – this could be a place to volunteer or to receive help, but all are welcome.”

Construction of the new Pike Place MarketFront is underway with Grand Opening of the MarketFront and Neighborhood Center planned for summer 2017.