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MarketFront expansion takes shape with major progress in housing, retail, and parking

Posted August 4, 2016

Written by Emily Crawford, Pike Place Market PDA

Image courtesy of Art Kuniyuki

The MarketFront construction continues upward and is now approaching the Desimone Bridge. For more than a year, Market vendors, residents and community members have watched the process unfold as the former surface parking lot transforms into a new marketplace keeping with the Market charter. With 30,000 square-feet of open public space with new views, a weather-proofed canopy with additional vending space for Daystall tenants, space for food production and on-site brewery, low-income housing, and social services—the MarketFront will truly be part of the Market.

Currently, Sellen Construction workers are completing the installation of “glulams,” the large wooden beams that provide the framework for the entire structure/retail space. The beams are an essential part of the overall design, which reflects the heavy timber beams found throughout the Market today. This design direction, as well as many other project decisions, are due in large part to the input from the Market’s many stakeholders and community members at more than 200 public meetings and dozens of community outreach sessions since 2012. Thanks to our passionate and dedicated community, the MarketFront reflects the unique needs of our public market.

Additionally, the framing of the low-income housing is ongoing just south of the Desimone Bridge on Western Avenue. The top floor of the four story, 40-unit building interrupts the views from the arcade to the west between the Desimone Bridge and City Fish. The decision to increase the height of the building in order to accommodate eight more studio units was made after much deliberation and input from the community regarding the need for low-income housing. Though this particular view is interrupted, expansive new views will be enjoyed by all from the public walkways at the retail level of the MarketFront.

Work also continues on the first level of the commercial building. The three levels of parking beneath the structure are now nearly complete. The PDA intends to open the new garage to much needed short term parking before December.

Construction hums along, but we’re not done yet! We still need your help to complete this historic project for our city. Learn how you can be part of the new MarketFront here: http://pikeup.org/donate-now/

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