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Expanding low-income senior housing at Pike Place Market

Posted June 19, 2016

Forty new apartments for low-income seniors are taking shape on the Pike Place MarketFront construction site this week, called the Alex Jackson House. Thirty three units are designated for low-income seniors ages 55+ and seven units are designed to accommodate live-work space for low-income senior artists in the Market.

At a time when homelessness and a lack of affordable housing are at an all-time high in Seattle, the Market is moving forward with solutions for our most vulnerable neighbors. It’s the mission of the Market to provide not only a place for farmers and local businesses to sell goods, but a home for low-income neighbors too – and the new MarketFront expansion is no exception.

The building was named for longtime Market resident and Tlingit Native artist, Alex Jackson, who lived in the Market for more than 50 years and who was a fixture within the neighborhood. Mr. Jackson passed away in January 2016.

Many people don’t know that the Market is already home to over 450 residents, many of whom are low-income seniors. Next time you’re on the Market cobblestones, look up! The floors you see above the main Public Market are all housing.

Jessica apartment

After being homeless for 7 years, Jessica finally has a home at Pike Place Market.

“Pike Place Market saved my life,” says Jessica, who recently moved into the LaSalle Building, just above the Market’s Senior Center. “After living in my car, my RV, motels, shelters and transitional housing since 2009 I can finally say I have a home … and that home is an apartment at Pike Place Market.”




Help complete the funding for this historic project! It’s a chance to make a significant impact in someone’s life, the future of the Market, AND it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to write your family/company name into Seattle history with Market Charms or a Bronze Hoofprint. Donate now.

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