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Honoring Dads of the Market: John Pierce

Posted June 15, 2016

If you ask John Pierce (pictured above with his two sons, Conner and Jordan) why he has devoted the last six years to serving on the Pike Place Market Foundation’s board as both a member and past president, he’ll tell you: “I, like everyone in Seattle, love the Market. It is a living, breathing part of this city.”

Many things make the Market special for John: the vegetables and flowers that change with the seasons, the artisans and craftspeople, the world-famous buskers. But what he likes in particular is its tight knit community, which is quick to rally around those in the Market who need help. John likes to tell a story about a friend of his from work who had moved to Seattle from Philadelphia. His friend would go to the Market every week to eat Vietnamese food from one of the vendors. “Soon, he struck up a friendship with the vendor,” says John. When Thanksgiving came around, and the vendor learned his friend had no one in Seattle to spend the holiday with, he invited his friend to have a Thanksgiving dinner at his home with his family. And so, my friend became a part of the Market community. They just adopted him.”

John has been deeply involved in the Pike Place Market’s new expansion, the new MarketFront. To better understand the needs of the most vulnerable members of the Market community, John would spend time in Victor Steinbrueck Park talking to visitors. “I heard amazing stories,” says John. “One person told me he gets about $400 a month from the state, and how the money is often gone in two weeks, leaving him struggling to get by for the rest of the month. But, he said, ‘the Market family would never let me starve.’ The new Market expansion will be a thing of beauty with spectacular views, but for me it is more about how it will build additional low-income housing and better support for the community.”


FB_1200x900_DADSTo honor their father’s deep connection to Pike Place Market, John’s two sons, Conner and Jordan (pictured above), will be donating to the Pike Up! Campaign and giving John a Market Charm for Father’s Day. “I am so proud of my sons for giving me such a meaningful gift for Father’s Day,” says John. “This charm will be a chance to put on display the special connection I have with my two boys and our connection to the Market, as well. Now, when we go together to look at the charm, we will feel a special sense of belonging to the Market we love.”

Skip the tie and give Dads something extra special for Father’s Day this year: Market Charms from Pike Place Market. Honor your whole family with a Family of Charms or give Dad his very own Charm that will hang on the new Pike Place MarketFront. Market Charms start at $180 and your donation helps expand services for families at Pike Place Market.

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Photo by Lance Wagner Photography.