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PSBJ’s Patti Payne announces July 1 deadline to write your name on a bronze hoofprint

Posted March 3, 2016

In this week’s Puget Sound Business Journal, columnist Patti Payne interviews Pike Place Market Foundation Executive Director Lillian Sherman about the limited opportunity to write a family or business name on a bronze hoofprint to support the new waterfront expansion of the Market.

“We are a historic district,” says Sherman. “ The Pike Place Market Historical Commission gave us this chance to do a last round of them, but they won’t allow it ever again … So this is the last time to be part of our history. Helping us also makes you part of our future.”

Hoofprint donations ($5,000 each) are tax-deductible and help complete the final $4.5 Million in funding to help grow the Market. Scheduled to open in early 2017 the new MarketFront will provide more opportunities for farmers, artists, small business, and low-income housing in the Market .

“We want the market to be there for long into the future,” says Sherman. “This last fun fundraising piece allows us to finish building the project, but also to serve this community and the people in it for long into the future.”

This once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity will end soon. Reserve your hoofprint today:

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