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The perfect wedding present: a Market Charm on the new MarketFront!

Posted September 15, 2015

This week we’re sharing stories of Pike Place Market newlyweds who are supporting the Pike Up! campaign to build the new MarketFront by writing their love on a Market Charm. Our first story is about Samantha Brotman, who’s father owns two businesses in the Market, and her husband, Robert Rouphail.

On the morning of their marriage in August, Samantha and Robert met for their “first look” as bride and groom on the rooftop lounge of the Inn at the Market. This was not the first time Rob and Sam paused together to enjoy the view from Pike Place Market. “Every time Rob would visit me from North Carolina, my family would get all hectic trying to schedule every moment,” says Sam. “We would escape to the Market, find a spot with a view and just hang out there together.”

The Market has been special to Sam since she was a teenager working in her father’s stores. “My dad, Michel Brotman, owns two stores, Simply Seattle and the Chocolate Box, nearby the Market. During my break I would always go to the Market to eat my lunch.” So, the Market soon became a favorite place for Rob, as well. “I love the Market,” says Rob. “It is really exciting for me to see all the people and the stands filled with fresh fish and veggies. Sam and I spent one of our first dates having breakfast at Lowell’s.”

Sam and Rob are supporting the Pike Up! Campaign this year by purchasing a Pike Place Market Charm and inscribing it with a message of gratitude to their parents for their beautiful wedding. They appreciate that money from their purchase will help expand the Market to provide more opportunities for local farmers and artisans, as well as to fund social services and housing for low-income seniors.

“I think incorporating low-income housing into the most popular and iconic location in Seattle is wonderful and shows the Market’s values are in the right place,” says Sam. “It makes me feel proud to be a Seattleite.” “And it makes me very proud to be an adopted Seattleite,” adds Rob.

From all of us at the Pike Place Market Foundation, congratulations, Sam and Rob!Valentines Charm Card Final

Celebrate your favorite newlyweds with a Market Charm, and your gift will support the expansion of our iconic Pike Place Market. Or, commemorate your own wedding by writing your anniversary or your names on a Market Charm.

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