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This Father’s Day, honor Dad in Pike Place Market

Posted June 8, 2015

30 years ago Haley Land and his wife Leanne Clarke opened their craft stall, Haleyanne Jewelry, in Pike Place Market with the dream to make a living off their talents as artists. Today, they continue to live that dream in the Market, which is now shared by their daughter, Addie. “Our stall is so much more than just a business to support us financially,” says Haley. “It has always been a family affair. I know that every day I spend here in the Market with my wife and daughter will be one filled with intelligence and fun.”

Daughter Addie said, “I am really close to my mom and dad, and I love being able to spend time with them in the market,” says Addie. “Mom and dad could have made much more money doing other jobs. But they are committed to their craft, and the Market gives them a community and an environment that they love.”

Haley and his family make creative animal pins and magnets, with a focus on dogs. “I feel lucky to be able to make a living this way,” says Haley. “Part of the joy of our jobs is talking with customers about their dogs. They just love their dogs! They pull out their smart phones and say, ‘here he is on his 5th birthday!’ You get a sense of kinship with them that is really pleasurable and satisfying.”

Haley and his daughter Addie help a customer at their craft stall, Haleyanne Jewelry, which Haley and his wife Leanne have owned and operated for thirty years in Pike Place Market.















In addition to being a Market merchant, Haley also devotes a generous amount of time to serve on various Market committees. “The Market is a wonderful example of how we ought to care for each other within an urban setting,” says Haley. “Here in the Market we have a day care center, a food bank, housing for low income seniors, and a senior center. All this service is made possible by the Market Foundation, and its donors and supporters. I am proud that a core mission of The Market Foundation is to embrace vulnerable members of our Market community and I am excited to be part of the MarketFront project, which will expand these social services for our community.”

This Father’s Day, Addie will be contributing to the Pike Up! Campaign by giving her father a Pike Place Market Charm. Funds raised by these Charms will help expand the Market further, opening up more opportunities for family-owned businesses like Haleyanne.

“I am humbled that Addie would give me such a thoughtful gift,” says Haley. “This Charm is not just something I will enjoy on Father’s Day. It is something that I will be able to look at again and again, within the beautiful setting of the new Market expansion.”


This Father’s Day, honor Dads with a unique gift from Pike Place Market. Inscribe their name or business name on a Market Charm or Piggybank Hoofprint and your donation will help grow the Market further by expanding social services and opening up more opportunities for family-owned businesses like Haleyanne Jewelry.

Click here to gift Dad a Market Charm or Piggybank Hoofprint.