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Meet Mila: a Market Mom whose legacy supports the expansion of Pike Place Market

Posted April 27, 2015

Milagro Apostol landed in Seattle with her husband and six children the same day Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Shortly afterwards, Milagro (or “Mila”) opened Oriental Mart in Pike Place Market. Forty three years later, Milagro still serves authentic Filipino food in her small kitchenette, which restaurant critics describe as “one of the hidden gems in Pike Place Market.” Only now, Mila has her two daughters and granddaughter working alongside her.

“I am so proud that my daughters and granddaughter believe in our little store,” says Mila. “The Market is not just a group of merchants; it is a family. And I tell all my customers ‘we welcome you.’”

Her daughter Joy Mori is proud of her mom’s dedication and passion for her work. “Although she is 85 years old, she still comes here every day. She loves the people she meets; she loves all her customers and, most of all, she loves her Market family.” And to her Market family, Apostol is known as mom, or “nay” in Filipino. “When my mom walks around the Market, everyone calls out: ‘Hi, nay!’”

 This Mother’s Day, Mila’s daughters and granddaughter are engraving her name into Pike Place Market with a Market Charm. Their donation will help build the new MarketFront and expand the Market family, which includes merchants, farmers, shoppers, residents, seniors and families who all rely on this tight-knit community.

“Our business is three generations of all women,” says granddaughter Brianna Mori. “I think it is special to be able to honor my grandmother in such a way. And it is great our gift will help support our seniors and people in the market who are less fortunate.”

Honor Mom by writing her name or personal message on a Market Charm! Your gift supports the Pike Up! campaign to build the new MarketFront, which will expand entrepreneurial opportunities for moms and families in downtown Seattle.

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