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Mother’s Day is around the corner!

Posted April 23, 2015

In honor of all the mothers who have made Pike Place Market what it is today, we’re proud to feature Groundbreaking Moms of the Market in advance of the groundbreaking of the Pike Place MarketFront this spring. 

Lisa Tiffany’s mom worked at one of the vendor stands at Pike Place Market during the Depression. Now, Lisa is carrying on her family’s Market story by working with us to design and produce the new personalized Market Charms that will adorn the new MarketFront.

Lisa Tiffany_JIT

Lisa Tiffany poses with a Market Charm overlooking the future site of the MarketFront.

A native Seattleite, Lisa Tiffany’s connection to the Market goes back to her mother. “My mother worked at one of the vendor stands at Pike Place Market during the Depression.” Today, Lisa is honored to carry on this family legacy by working with the Pike Place Market to design and produce the Market Charms at her precision sheet metal factory in Woodinville.

“When they approached me and my company to manufacture the charms, I jumped at the chance,” says Lisa. “I think it is great that the money raised by these charms will be used to not only expand the Market, but also to support low cost senior housing, feed the poor and help the homeless. I never realized all the good the Market does for people in our community. ”

Graduating from the University of Washington, Lisa found work with a metal plating firm. She was quick to build strong relations with her customers, who encouraged her to go out on her own. “It was pretty unusual, particularly at that time, for a woman to be in the sheet metal fabrication business,” says Lisa. “But I gave it a try, and here I am today! I have been owner/president of JIT Manufacturing for 28 years now.”

In addition to running her own company, Lisa is also a mom. Her son, Nick, was born the same time Lisa started JIT Manufacturing. Now 28 years old, Nick works alongside her as sales manager. “Nick always says to me that he has worked at JIT ever since he was a baby in a box,” says Lisa. “I was a single mom. So, I would bring Nick to work with me when he was a little guy, and I would put him in a box next to my desk while I did my book work. I worked very hard at first starting up JIT, and Nick had to spend a lot of time with me in the office or in daycare, but I always made sure he knew how much I loved him. We are still very close to this day.”

This Mother’s Day, I am so thrilled my son gave me my own Market Charm. This gift is particularly meaningful to me, now that I know all the good these charms will do for our market community.”

Join Lisa in supporting Pike Place Market and get your Market Charm today at www.pikeup.org.