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Market Tile Stories

Posted April 2, 2015

We have many fond memories surrounding the Market Tiles – and we know you do too! Thank you to those who have shared your Tile stories with us. All stories will be collected and posted here. If you’d like to share your Tile story with us, click here!

“When my family moved from Southern California in 1978, we soon found the Market as a place we all liked to go — both parents, and children ages 9,7 and 1. Not long after there was a drive to buy a tile to repave the central market area. We bought one engraved The J. Gregson Family and it’s near the bakery area. We’ve had several family photos taken there over the years. Of course my kids are now grown and have children of their own. When one of them heard about this latest fundraiser, she thought we should continue. I bought a charm for each of my 3 grandchildren, one for myself and the adult kids bought them. Our families will all be together — now just not Gregsons, but also Solidays and Zawatskis. Maybe in another 30-35 years there will be a similar drive again and the younger generation can carry on the tradition!”

-Janell Gregson, submitted September 1, 2016


“When our children were young, we supported the Market renovation by writing each of their names on Market tiles. They may be grown and gone, living in San Francisco, but on each visit home, they head to the Market to proudly admire their tile and know that they were part of the movement to “Save the Market”.  Now that they have children of their own, I would like this new generation to have a part in the expansion of the Market so that when they come to visit they can stand by their Market Charm or look down at their Hoofprint and say that their family supported the iconic Pike Place Market through the Market Foundation!”

-Jan Mayes, submitted December 1, 2015



Alwyn’s sons, Ben and Luke, pose for a photo with their mom’s tile in Pike Place Market.


“My father wrote my name on a Market tile at Pike Place Market when I was a child.  He has a tile there, as well as my uncles and late grandparents. They all were born and raised in Seattle. I was not, but it was very special for me to go visit Pike Place Market and see my tile over the years.  It links me to my father’s side of the family and the amazing market.  I wanted to continue the tradition with my two sons, so I bought them each a Market Charm.  They will see their names on charms when they visit Pike Place.  It will give them a connection to places other than where they live.”

-Alwyn Reuther Chao, submitted November 20, 2015





“I’m so happy to have another opportunity to support the Market Foundation and have my name associated with such a fantastic organization. Over the years I purchased a hoof print, tile, painted fish and now I’ll be able to add a charm to the collection! I purchased 4 of them for friends and family members and I think I will probably buy a few more. This is a one time opportunity that you don’t want to miss!”

-Alexis Pontikis, submitted October 29, 2015


The Market has such great memories for our family. My grandmother was born in Missouri in 1881, married and moved to Spokane and then seattle. She would do all of her shopping at the “market”..I remember cartons of peanut butter and fresh pig tails being unloaded from her grocery bag..Now if she missed the bus, she would walk all the way home She always told us waking up early was good for you and she lived to be 105 year old..Our special treat was spending the night with grandma and going shopping with her and maybe getting a ‘goodie” at the Three Sisters Bakery. I bought her a Tile many years ago. When I now go to the market I have a smile on my face and my heart is over the moon, knowing grandma is here.

-Carol Garner, submitted March 23, 2015


Wish I had a picture. My tile was #269 and said Fred the Beagle. It was named after the beagle who moved to Seattle with me in 1981 when I started work for WPZG. He loved food and used to sneak out – always winding up at a bar, restaurant or food line, and always winning hearts and free eats. His tile was in a completely appropriate location – near the Athenian restaurant and a pole. Near the food stalls too. Talk about full service!

-Line Farr, submitted May 7, 2014