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Billie the Piggybank will take a hike to the new MarketFront

Posted June 19, 2014

billie-smToday as you walk through Pike Place Market you can follow the hoof-shaped steps until you’re snout to snout with our famous mascot Rachel the Piggybank. Rachel won’t be the only famous pig in the Market for long. Billie the Piggy Bank – Rachel’s younger and lesser known cousin – is preparing to move from Western Avenue to the future waterfront-facing MarketFront plaza as Pike Place Market prepares for the expansion and completion of the Market’s historic district.

Join Billie the Piggy Bank on her path to the new Pike Place MarketFront and enter to WIN the first hoof print to send her on her way to a new home with gorgeous views!

Click here to enter and learn more about the upcoming MarketFront.