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Celebrating Pike Place Market volunteers – Part II

Posted April 10, 2014

In honor of National Volunteer Month, we asked our volunteer team to answer the question: “why do you love volunteering with The Market Foundation? and promised to post answers this week. Thanks to everyone who sent us your great answers (we LOVED reading them) and to the hundreds of volunteers who support the Market community every year. Here is part 2 of the responses!

Every day, volunteers bring Market-fresh veggies to the Food Bank through the "Food Link" program

Every day, volunteers bring Market-fresh veggies to the Food Bank through the “Food Link” program

“I have volunteered for the Pike Place Market since 1985.  As a Seattleite, born and raised in Seattle, I have vivid memories of walking hand in hand with my grandmother in the Market when I was a young child.  I visited her frequently on weekends; I lived in Rainier Valley and she lived on the top of Queen Anne hill.

I enjoy the idea of bringing together locals and tourists to participate in fun events and raising much needed funds to support low-income citizens and the services they need.  I have volunteered in events, donated funds, and have participated in securing gifts for the holiday “Giving Tree.”  I have encouraged my friends and family to adopt a recipient’s request from the tree.

The best part is knowing The Market Foundation is working towards assisting a major area of need in the greater Seattle area and I have been able to contribute my time and donations towards the effort.  I have been a volunteer and a patron at the various fundraising events and am excited to hear about the total money raised at each event.  The other best feature is meeting and working alongside other high-caliber volunteers that have the same idea and mission.”

– Cheryll, Market Foundation volunteer for 8 years

“I enjoy volunteering with the Market Foundation so much, because prior to my involvement, I just thought the Market was a fun place to experience Seattle and support local merchants….and now I know how involved the Foundation is in the community and all the different ways they support those in need.  The events the Foundation hosts also have been a great way for me to meet others who want to be involved, experience the Market on a new and different level, and have some FUN in the process.”

-Stacy, Market Foundation volunteer for 1 year

“I love being a part of exciting events that the Pike Place Market Foundation holds, such as Sunset Supper. This summer event brings many local vendors and people together for a fun filled evening and it’s great to see everyone enjoying themselves while benefiting such a great cause.”

-Carol, Market Foundation volunteer for 8 years

To learn more about volunteering at Pike Place Market and how YOU can give back to the Market community, please click here or email volunteer@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org.

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