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Market Optical: Where Eyes and Heart Meet

Posted September 9, 2013

Market Optical sales staff poses with mini-Rachel the Piggybank wearing her favorite eye glasses.

“Pike Place Market is at the same time incredibly unique and what I believe to be a perfect commercial/residential environment,” said Ruvane Richman, owner of Market Optical a business that started at Pike Place Market.  “The Market is inclusive of all social and economic classes and provides a commercial setting that everyone can participate in. This environment is what enables creativity, openness, excitement and joy in our daily lives.”

Ruvane holds true to his beliefs in the daily operations of his business, which has grown to three stores throughout the region. In addition to eye wear that perfects vision and style, Market Optical also designs and carries an affordable line of frames to meet the diverse economic needs of a wider client base. They also dedicate a portion of revenue every year to nonprofit organizations, including the Pike Place Market Foundation. To-date Market Optical has donated more than $400,000 to support causes in the Seattle area!

Thank you Market Optical for having your eyes on and heart in our community!

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