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Th-OINK-ful for our Market neighbors, Le Panier!

Posted April 18, 2013

Mmmmmmm …. Today my belly is full of $2,000 in macaron sales from my longtime Market friends Kristi and Thierry at Le Panier! They sold these colorful, delicate treats to benefit my Market neighbors this past Macaron Day (March 20th) and today they came by to deliver the good news in $$$ and macarons. 

Not only do we have Macaron Day to celebrate this year, but Le Panier is also celebrating 30 years at Pike Place Market! Established by a Frenchman living in the U.S. who missed his daily baguette and croissant, he brought in French bakers and began production of traditional cuisine, reflecting what you would find at local boulangeries (bakeries) and patisseries (pastry shops) in France.

Co-owner Kristi Drake said, “To have all the history of the years around us is amazing … A quick Market shopping trip always turns into a series of lovely conversation with friends at our fellow establishments. We so fondly remember buying cheese over the counter from Louie DeLaurenti. A trip was never complete until there was a quick stop at Sur la Table to talk with Shirley Collins. Don and Joe’s have been supplying the Thanksgiving turkeys for our staff dinner for more years than we can remember.”

Mangez bien à (eat well/live well at) Pike Place Market and always be Th-OINK-ful for good neighbors!


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