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Posted September 27, 2012

The best lesson I’ve learned here is how to be truly grateful,” said Kevin, manager of Pike Market Food Bank.

Every Tuesday and Thursday between 10 AM – 1 PM the Food Bank runs like clockwork: hundreds of low-income residents who live in the Market and throughout downtown line up on the 4th Floor of the Pike Market Parking Garage to receive bags full of fresh produce, protein and the necessary staples. Volunteers, many of whom are Food Bank clients themselves, busily stock, organize and serve the crowd of shoppers with a smile. Kevin helps to manage the flow of clients, food inventory and the usual flurry of questions.

I realized quickly in this job that you need to be focused and listen carefully to what people have to say,” said Kevin. At times he says his clients get agitated waiting in line or frustrated when they don’t have the food they like to eat. But he doesn’t let the larger purpose escape him in these moments: “They are hungry and most have been waiting to come here just to be able to eat.”

Kevin sees how important this service is to Pike Market Food Bank shoppers, so when he hears “Thank you!” more than 100 times in one day, he makes sure not to shrug off a single one. “It’s easy to respond, ‘No problem’, but that’s not properly recognizing how important this service is to our clients.” Instead, he responds with a genuine “You’re welcome” every single time.

With so much gratitude and meaning behind his work, Kevin says “Just being here makes me feel awesome every day!”

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