Pike Place Market Urban Garden

Pike Place Market Foundation

Pike Place Market Urban Garden is an urban oasis, located just steps from the fish throwers and Rachel the Piggybank.

The Market’s Urban Garden was built in 2013 to serve a duel purpose: to supplement fresh produce already provided at the Food Bank and Senior Center, and to offer Market senior residents the opportunity to garden outdoors and spend time with neighbors, thus combating social isolation in our senior community.

The Urban Garden is managed by a group of volunteer Market residents who maintain the garden year-round. Each year the garden produces close to 400 pounds of primarily vegetables, which are harvested and donated to the Food Bank and Senior Center. One of the Market’s Preschool classes has grown their own crops (most recently, watermelon!) and spends time in the garden each summer learning about gardening and healthy eating. And more recently, several Market restaurants now grow their own herbs in the garden too, including Maximilien and Le Pichet.

Next time you’re in the Market, find your way to the garden by walking past the fish throwers and hang a left before you reach Maximilien. The garden is open to the general public daily – come see what we’re growing!