Pike Market Senior Center

Pike Place Market Foundation

Pike Market Senior Center is more than just a warm, safe place to enjoy a hot meal: it’s a caring community for our most vulnerable seniors in downtown Seattle.

Membership to the Senior Center simply requires that  individuals are 55 years or older, and provides seniors with two nutritious meals, wellness activities, housing services, and a warm place to socialize, seven days a week.

One of Pike Market Senior Center’s most satisfying achievements in 2016 was moving 30 homeless seniors into permanent housing. “This might not sound like an impressive number,” says staff member Mason Lowe. “But if you were one of these seniors, the difference would be life-changing. Nearly all of these seniors had been homeless for years, some decades.”

The Senior Center also opened a new activities space, and now hosts more community-building classes such as exercise, yoga, and even ballroom dancing for Senior Center members. Says Lowe, “There are a lot of things you can find at the Senior Center, but one of the most important is friendship and community.”

This year, supporters like you helped us grant $205,000 to the Senior Center, which helped provide 50,000 meals for low-income and homeless seniors – that’s nearly a full years’ worth of meals for EVERY member of the Senior Center! In addition, this money has helped lead to 51,574 visits from senior members throughout the Market community. Read more about the Senior Center here.