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When you give to Pike Place Market Community Fund, you’re joining a powerful community of Market supporters who have kept the Market strong for over 114 years.

The Market Community Fund provides a unique opportunity to transform individual giving into lasting, measurable change — connecting your philanthropic goals to your love for the Market. A gift today, or bequest from your Will or Trust tomorrow, provides a lasting legacy to the health and sustainability of the Market community.

Go further by creating a Named Fund that establishes a legacy of your giving to Pike Place Market for yourself, your family, or your business. Funds are invested and professionally managed, providing a sustainable resource for the Market community.

Ready to give or need more information? Contact Keith Daly, Development Director, at keith.daly@pikeplacemarket.org or (206) 774-5243.


Pike Place Market is a community of people. Our Giving Circles are an opportunity for people throughout the community to come together to raise funds for the Pike Place Community Fund. Contact Keith Daly, Development Director, at keith.daly@pikeplacemarket.org or (206) 774-5243, to learn how to create a Giving Circle and get started today.

We welcome gifts of any amount to the following Giving Circles to positively impact the Market community. Contact Keith Daly, Development Director, at keith.daly@pikeplacemarket.org or (206) 774-5243, to learn how to make a gift to a Giving Circle or donate today.




Giving Circle Founders: Pike Place Market Foundation
The Friends of the Market Giving Circle was established to honor the 50th Anniversary of the Friends’ successful effort to save Pike Place Market from demolition. After a seven-year battle, the fight to save Pike Place Market came down to an initiative on the ballots on November 2, 1971. The “Let’s Keep the Market” initiative was led by The Friends of the Market, a grassroots group of citizen advocates who collected signatures and protested to save the Market, despite most city and business leaders supporting demolition of the Market with an urban renewal plan. By Election Day, voters overwhelming approved to keep the Market by a 59% margin. This initiative preserved the largest continuously operating public market in the nation and protected not only the 9-acre historic district of the Market but a community of farmers, small independent businesses, and senior residents.

  • Giving Circle Focus: Heritage and Preservation Steinbrueck-Thonn Award for Pike Place Market Research

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The Friends of the Market launched an academic award program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of saving Pike Place Market in 1971. The first award will be made in winter 2022.

The goal of the Steinbrueck-Thonn Award for Pike Place Market Research is to broaden our understanding and appreciation of the Pike Place Market and its diverse community of residents, farmers, merchants, crafters, shoppers, and social service providers.

Friends of the Market will provide funding for original historical and ethnographic research that furthers our knowledge of the Market complex, its community, and cultural values by way of tangible products (articles, research papers, thesis, oral histories, podcasts, exhibitions) that will be made available to members of the public and local public institutions.



Dave Olsen and Anita Braker

DeeAnn and Steve Burman

Tony Danelo

Leona Danelo

Joe and Pat Desimone

Susan Finnerman

Jody Foster

Monica Leigh

Warren Stickney

Helen Stusser

Dan Carmichael and Cynthia Whitaker

Thank you for supporting the Pike Place Market community. Your contribution will have an immeasurable impact!




The Pike Place Market Foundation nurtures a thriving Market community so that everyone within it has the opportunity to live their best life possible.

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