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Why are you #GratefulForPikePlace?

Posted November 2, 2018


We’re grateful for the resilience and kindness of our Market community as Seattle continues to change. Follow along as we post daily stories on social media to share our gratitude for the people who make the Market a village unlike any other!
You can join the fun too! Tag us on social media in your favorite Market memory, story, selfie or photos with #GratefulForPikePlace
You can also upload your story directly on our website – Click here to Share Your Market Story!
We’ll be taking submissions until the end of the year! Your story or photo could even be part of a Market community video montage we’ll publish in the new year!

Day 1 – Mike Osborn, Community Builder, Market Legend, and Co-Owner of Sosio’s Produce


Mike Osborn, a Market legend of over 45 years, is hard at work every day selling fresh produce and running Sosio’s Produce. But it’s not profit that drives Mike – it’s the community he’s built…(read more)

Day 2 – Lilly Glover, Former Pike Market Food Bank Manager


Pike Place Market is a place where no one should go hungry. This value, shared by all at the Market, is one that Lilly Glover has held close in her time with the Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank…(read more)

Day 3 – Clint and Barb Bennett, Generous Donors and Volunteers


Clint and Barb Bennett moved from the Washington D.C. area just four years ago, and in that time they’ve made a lasting impact on Seattle….(read more)

Day 4 – Joel Carsley, Market Foundation Board Member


Joel: “I am so #GratefulforPikePlace because I got to relive some of my favorite memories this past year with my big sister in the Market. I did not grow up in the PNW, and I’d actually never been to the Market with my sister before…(read more)

Day 5 – Mark Lally, Social Worker for Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank


Mark Lally has his dream job – he’s been with the Pike Market Senior Center for 17 years as a social worker, and sees no sign of stopping. (read more)

Day 6 – Traci Calderon, Owner of Succulent Catering


Every Wednesday, Chef Traci opens the doors wide to the Atrium Kitchen in Pike Place Market and invite the community in for a five-course lunch (read more)

Day 7 – Jerry Antush, Marketologist and Host of the popular Pike Place Podcast



Jerry Antush is more than a fish monger at Pike Place Market. He was born and raised in Seattle and started his Market career in the 1980s as “The Juice Man” at Scotty’s Juice Bar. (read more)

Month of Gratitude, Day 8: Celebrating the Pike Place senior residents next door!


We got the chance to hear stories from Pike Place senior residents about why they’re #GratefulForPikePlace! These stories are the reason we work so hard to nurture this thriving Market community….(read more)









Month of Gratitude, Day 9: Residential Team at Pike Place Market

Shoppers on the cobblestones below often don’t realize just above the storefronts…(read more)

Month of Gratitude, Day 10: Velma Chaney and Crystal Dixon, the friendly faces of The Market Commons

The second you enter the Market Commons, you’re greeted by the warm smile of either Velma Cherokee Chaney or Crystal Barnard Dixon. (read more)

Month of Gratitude, Day 11: Lindy Gaylord, Market Foundation Board Member and Active Fundraiser

We want to highlight one of the #GratefulForPikePlace submissions we’ve received! (read more)


“Who gets to go to East Berlin, stood up against the wall, with 15 guns pointed at you?” (read more)

Month of Gratitude, Day 13: Pike Place Market Foundation Board of Directors

Today isn’t just another Tuesday at Pike Place Market…(read more)

Month of Gratitude, Day 14: The Pike Place Market Farm Team, nourishing Pike Place Market and Beyond!

With pounds of fresh vegetables to their left and almost 200 empty boxes to their right (read more)