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Orca Lift comes to The Market Commons

Posted November 15, 2017

When Ali found out that she was loosing her Orca Card due to Pike Place Market budget cuts she was upset. Whether you are a vendor, an artist, work in a restaurant, or sell goods in the Arcade – life at the Pike Place Market rarely makes your rich, so her Orca Card had been one of the few perks she was enjoying. It wasn’t just nice to have – she needed it to help her get to work. The first thing she did was talk to the people on her floor in the Downunder to see if they felt the same way. The response was unanimous, they needed their Orca Cards back. That is how she ended up in The Market Commons, working with staff there to bring Orca Lift signups to the Market community.

Ali has worked in Pike Place Market for three years and is part of the Market Constituency. As part of the Constituency she has made it her job to advocate for her fellow Market community members who can’t be at council meetings because of work. When she started her mission to bring Orca Cards back she paid a visit to the Pike Place Market Foundation and was pleasantly surprised to find that the staff of The Market Commons had already been working on the issue from another angle. With their connections and progress combine they were able to organize Orca Lift signups in The Market Commons!

Today is the second Orca Lift sign up since that fateful melding of minds and so far it has been a huge success. Not only can community members get signed up for Orca Lift but they are also able to see what other programs they qualify for and register for those as well.

The next Orca Lift sign up will be on December 20th, 11am-1pm. Why apply?

Reduced fare – increased possibilities. Ride bus (or light rail, or streetcar, or water taxi) and pay less money. See if you qualify!

What to bring to verify your income:

  • If you already are enrolled in Washington Healthplanfinder, Apple Health, Washington Basic Food (EBT) or TANF, the enrollment expert can confirm your eligibility.
  • If you are in another defined benefits program, bring a letter or statement confirming that you’re enrolled.
  • Paystubs, tax returns, and other documents can be used to verify your income.
  • Call the number below if you have questions.

Call 206-774-5315 with questions!

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